Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Dear Me Project

Remember the idea {my friend Katie} had about collecting letters by women to their younger selves? Well, I did it. You can read it {here}.

And you're invited to write one yourself. Read about it {here}.

p.s. if you don't like the letter, don't tell me. All of a sudden I feel all nervous about putting my imperfect writings out there, like when I used to ask my dad to review my high school English papers. Don't get me wrong. Dad never said my papers sucked, I was always just afraid he would.


Ginna said...

It was beautiful. I love it.

Katie Gee said...

How could you be nervous about an awesome letter like that?!? I loved it and loved the way you wrote it! Bravo.

Diana said...

That was a GREAT letter. You have absolutely NOTHING to be worried about. It has certainly got me to thinking about all the "advice" I could give to a younger me...since I many more years on you. This is very thought provoking. Thank you!

k8 said...

yours is one of my faves megs. thanks for playing..


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