Monday, May 11, 2009

The System

I believe my boys are two of the messiest eaters ever to be born. No matter how hard I try to catch the food they spit or fling I just can't keep up. And while I'm helping one boy to eat the other boy is rubbing carrots into his eyes.  

Feeding time was the most dreaded time of day. Every time they would get hungry I would cry harder than them wondering how I could deal with the mess one more time. I had to change the boys after every meal. Laundry was piling up and the carpet under their high chairs was an embarrassment. 

So, I developed a system: feed 'em naked and hose 'em off in the sink afterwards.

It has changed my life. No more baby food encrusted onesies. No more making a thousand trips to the sink to rinse off wash cloths. 

I might start feeding Dan this way to cut back on ketchup stains on his work shirts.

And yes, the boys were eating cake for breakfast. Is that a problem?


the fellers said...

perfect....we finally started to do that with Scoty too...although, i cant imagine having TWO boys, it must have been bad, I need to start that with Rylee too, although I feel silly stripping her down for some reason....hmmmm

Tia said...

I love this Megs! What a great idea! Your boys are so cute and getting SO big!

PS - I love your new header - the definition is awsome!

jwise said...

Your new system is the way to go!! I have a friend who did NOT have twins but used the same system because she couldn't stand her kids or her kids clothes getting messy. I mean, she was OCD about it. Yes, I have no idea why/how we're friends. Anyway, ROCKIN' system.
P.S. If you feed Dan that way, are you going to put pictures on your blog?

Kati said...

Oh Megan! Your kids are so dang cute! I love the new system- I need a system going in my home where the house stays cleaner and the laundery doesn't pile up... I fear your system won't have the same effect on my family... I do love how serious Maggie is about the hose. My kids get seriously MAD if I turn off the hose while they are playing with it. I remember how fun it use to be to play with the hose for hours!

K said...

Cake is nutrition. You know that. Hmmm - naked and cramming stuff in their mouths. Only the beginning, Megs. Only the beginning.


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