Monday, May 11, 2009

I Miss my Mother

My mom went to Colorado to tend my sister's kids for two weeks. I can't handle it. She's gone. 

So, my dad left me a message yesterday reminding me to call Mom for Mother's Day. Apparently he doesn't know I'm the child that calls Mom 3 times a day anyway. But I'm glad he loves my mom so much and has always been there to make sure we respect her and give her the appreciation she deserves. Which is a lot of appreciation--since she's so deserving.

I was also thinking about my dear grandma and the {mother's day phone callwe shared last year. Sweet memories.

Calling moms is always a good thing, I'm thinkin'. Go call yours.


EmmaP said...

no i know where you get your "faces"... the looks you always pull... like mother, like daughter. ;)

Rachel said...

Two stinkin' whole weeks? Ouch......what in the world is your dad going to do for two weeks without your mom?? I'll keep an eye on him. When I see him on Sunday if he looks like he has lost too much weight we'll know he needs FOOD! :D

jwise said...

A. Is that the cutest picture ever of your parents, or what?!?
B. I am so sorry that your mom is gone. Two weeks is an eternity.
C. I haven't been blogging since your Mothers Day phone call with Grandma, so I followed your link and read it. I LOVE THAT!!!! What an awesome thing she left you--that memory to think of EVERY Mothers DAY!! That is the BEST!! LOVE IT!

K said...

I wondered where the devil she was today. Such a mugger - you can't ever get a decent picture of her. Except that one in the alley. I liked that one tons. I can't call my mommy anymore. So maybe I should call dad . . .


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