Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Shall Never Forget This Mother's Day

That's what I just told Dan while licking frosting off my fingers. The man came through. Yes he did. 

Know what he brought me this morning for breakfast? 

5 big glorious Dipidee cupcakes: Strawberries and cream, carrot cake, little devil, vanilla, and carmel. The two of us stuffed our faces and then quickly hid them when Maggie woke up ("Much too good for children!" What movie's that from? bonus points if you know). During church I kept smiling thinking about having another yummy cupcake bite when I got home.

Now I'm lying in my bed in my pajamas while Dan's feeding the boys lunch. In a minute I'm going to take a nap. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it

Then I'm going to wake up and have some more vanilla cupcake. And I'm not going to feel guilty about that either.


Denae said...

The Trunch did have a point, there are some things that ARE much to good for children.

I hope you enjoy your day! You deserve it.

jwise said...

Sweeeeet! Man, Dan is a keeper! Is he perfect for you or what?!?! Glad your day was awesome.

Katie Gee said...


EmmaP said...

whew! i was afraid it was going to be 5 Lynn Wilson Burritos... hope he learned his lesson on that one! ;)

Diana said...

Certainly a step up from your Frozen Potato Burrito. LOL Good job! I hope you enjoyed it!

OH! And guess what I found on Saturday....I finally found the Sweet Tooth Fairy! Soooo, because of your previous blogs, I had to stop and try some! MMmmmmm

Ginna said...

dan dan, he's our man! Nice. I loved mothers day this year. it was so nice to have everything taken care of and just relax! the cupcakes were a superb touch though, how perfect!

K said...




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