Friday, May 1, 2009

My Fan Club

Maggie is not a cuddly child. She never really has been. She doesn't tell me "I love you" every 4 minutes like I tell her. She's too busy playing and running around to be bothered with kissing and hugging and mushy stuff. But lately she's been letting me know she likes me by shouting, "Job, Mom!!" every time I do anything remotely resembling a job well done. 

I fit together 2 legos.

"Job, Mom!"

I dress a naked Cabbage Patch Doll.

"Job, Mom!"

I get a string cheese out of the fridge.

"Job, Mom!"

Now, if that's not a confidence booster, I don't know what is. 


The Willeyes said...

"Job, Mom" :) I love her bedding!

Ashley said...

At least that is something!!! Cute room!

Beth said...

I like her SO much!

jwise said...

That is really cute. Just make sure you take it to heart! You're doing a good job. :) My oldest isn't cuddly, either--never has been--so when he writes things in Mothers Day cards like "thanks for putting up with me," I get all teary!!

andrew's mom said...

I think Maggie's language of love is verbal affirmation-that's her way of saying she loves you. You take what you can get-Bubba is not much of a cuddler either and sometimes it makes me sad!

K said...

I can hear your mom's voice, telling me about this. Maybe Maggie and your mom are more alike than I might have thought -

Andrea said...

Where did you get her bedding?? Love it. Love the bed too. Wish my husband wasn't a wood or nothin' kind of guy. Love her room.

Megs said...

The bedding was a wedding gift made by my sister in law. How she had the strength and moral fiber to make it AND THEN GIVE IT AWAY I don't know. But I love her infinitely for it.

The bed was found at a NY flea market when my mother lived there 35 years ago.


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