Sunday, April 12, 2009

If You Were Wondering...

Where all the cool people were on Thursday, they were at Tasha and Christopher's dying Easter Eggs. Coincidentally, we were there too. 

Only somebody really sweet would boil 8 dozen eggs and invite you and your dozen children (or 3 children that make a big enough ruckus to make you think there are a dozen of them) to come and make a mess of their house with crayons, modge podge and cups of dye (that Maggie kept mistaking for juice).

There was salsa, baby kissing, and bunny glasses.

Cliffords, we love you.


jwise said...

I honestly, non-sarcastically think Bunny Sunglasses are one of the best inventions EV-ER! What is funnier?!? Sounds luck SUCH a fun time! :) Hooray for great friends!!

jwise said...

Sounds LIKE such a fun time.

...I must be in a hurry this AM. ha

Rachel said...

When ya gots 7 kids......boilin' 8 dozen eggs is kind of the norm round these parts. It's what ya do with em AFTER when everyone is tired of hard boiled eggs that the real creativity begins.

EmmaP said...

those glasses are hilarious! looks like y'all had fun!


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