Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March, March, March,

You are my favorite month (month of my birth) and while you are hated and despised by many (those who wish winter would just get over already), I have always supported and defended you. I am the first to remind people that the official start of spring comes during your annual reign. I proudly celebrate your one (sometimes 2) official holidays (St. Patty's Day and occasionally Easter). I always relish your dual nature--winter and spring.

But this month you've done me wrong

Infecting my children with RSV was low. Really low. But then, then you decided to goof up the clocks with Daylight Savings Time and get my already grouchy babies off schedule. It's only an hour, you say, but it might as well be six. Yeah, that's real awesome of you. Just great. 

And it's not been easy being cooped up inside all day, canceling date nights and family outings, telling people we'll have to get together after the plague has left. So, I've been opening all the blinds, letting the sunlight stream in to lighten my mood--until you decided to send clouds and blizzards. Yeah, that really helps with the cabin fever. Stellar.

Don't worry March, I'm not giving up on you yet. But you really need to step it up, or I might just transfer my birthday to July. It was always a childhood dream of mine to have a boating birthday party on the lake... I'm just sayin'. Watch it.

Your friend (barely),



Rachel said...

The term "March Madness" comes from mothers who are cooped up in our homes with cabin fever and children with actual fevers raging so that we are stuck stuck STUCK and our endurance is tested so that by the time March has ended we are MADD!

Oh hey! MADD looks like MUDD and MUDD has some really cute shoes out right now at the ol' Famous FW place......which I'd go and take advantage of if I weren't STUCK IN MY HOUSE!

jwise said...

Oh!! I feel for you. I have been hating Daylight Savings Time this go-round, and I don't even have THREE BABIES WITH RSV!!! :( You better get some wicked sweet birthday presents, that's all I'm sayin'!

The Willeyes said...

I'm still having issues with Daylight Savings Time...even after 16 years here. Oh, I miss the good ol' days in Arizona where you stayed the same time all year! Seriously, if people need more sunlight...get up earlier. Don't make the rest of us suffer:)

the fellers said...

oh my gosh, you are hilarious. I seriously thought when I first started this post. "Man, I am horrible, she is right, Spring comes in March, Easter is sometimes in march...it does have two seasons, it is really not THAT bad." but then I continued, and I feel the same now...still hating march this year...I am SO SORRY your kids all have RSV...that must be so dang hard! Are they getting better now?

Brad and Kati Baxter said...


Emily said...

he he he. that was very funny :O) loved it

K said...

When I was teaching, I used to always forget about March. I'd be figuring how I was going to endure till the end of the year (yeah, I loved my kids - but still), portioning out my energy, counting the days. And then - smack in the face - Feb was over and it wasn't April yet. How did I do that? It was such a shock.


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