Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cupcake Date with Beth: Episode II

Before Maggie's first phlegm-filled coughs cast a dark RSV shadow on our world, Beth and I went for cupcakes.
cupcake dozen
It was over a week ago, on a Friday, in the last fleeting days of February to be exact, and it was delicious. We visited the new Provo bakery, The Sweet Tooth Fairy. We stood at the display case for a good 5 minutes just staring and calling out flavors to each other while the 7 or so staff members dawdled about behind the counter asking us if we knew yet what we wanted. There was only one other non-bakery worker in the store, he sat on the couch cuddling what we first thought to be a baby, but turned out to be a dog wrapped up in a blanket. We had two real babies--my twins--with us (Joel was kind enough to watch Maggie along with his own two daughters--love those 4 day work weeks).

It was dreadfully hard choosing which cupcakes to try. And I just read that they have even more flavors now. So, I honestly don't know if I'll be able to go back because selecting a cupcake will only be harder. Plus, they had cookies. And this flipping huge wedding cake on display--Beth asked them to wrap it up to-go, but they didn't think she was serious. Hmpf! They obviously had never seen us eat before. 

Well, after asking 2 different employees with seriously conflicting opinions to tell us their favorites ("I like the orange one." "Oh no! I'm completely disagree!" blah blah blah), we chose vanilla squared, cookies and cream, and strawberry short cake cupcakes and a black and white cookie. We cut them up and shared. And my favorite one really was the vanilla squared. I think they put crack in the frosting--it was that good (okay not like I've ever tried crack or ever will, but maybe, inadvertently, I did--like if it was in that frosting). 

Anyway, when I finally rid my family of RSV and banish winter illnesses from my home--that's gonna take a lot of lysol and hand washin'--I know I'll be dying to get out and get me something scrumptious*--so stay tune for the next episode of Cupcake Date with Beth. 

*Which isn't to say I haven't been gorging myself on chocolate chip cookies... is it bad to eat 3 dozen in a weekend? At least I made them Amy's way. So, that's good, right?


Rachel said...

Personally, I think you'd be able to handle the whole RSV thing if you were able to get away for a few minutes and get one of these suckers know the whole, need to fill your own pitcher so you can give sort of are you supposed to take care of those babies properly if you are not filling your own pitcher!!! I'd like to know....

The Willeyes said...

I'm so jealous. I want cupcake dates:) Hope everyone is starting to feel better!

jwise said...

Man, those cupcakes look good. You two are awesome--love the cupcake dates!

Tigersue said...

Hi Megs!
Michaline has asked me to lead the music on Sunday. I figured I would let you pick the hymns. It might would give you less stress to pick hymns you can play so you can focus on your babies.

Just let me know what you pick, tell my what song you want for music appreciation and I will figure something to do with it.

We need to come visiting teaching but I told Tiffany I would do it, so let me know what you want to do.

email me tanyasuedotrobinsonatgmaildotcom

LeChem Fam said...

Meg - I can't believe that the boys got sick! That is no fun times 2 :) Anyway, I just wanted to say that Maggie was not a stinker... she was so cute. Also, it was so fun to see your little people again, we need to get together more than every 4 months.

Good luck with the sick little men, and good luck next time you go out for a cupcake :)


eRiCa said...

sorry to hear about the RSV x 3...yuck! Hope all is better soon.

the super rad lady who owns the sweet tooth fairy is in my home ward. I've yet to be in there but I have heard RAVE reviews.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll survive the RSV bug. No fun for sure, but I think you guys are one of the toughest families around.

You know the Provo Bakery is right around the corner from where I live. I frequent there...hence the 13 pounds I've gained in the last...cough...two months(smiling sheepishly).

Mary Jane said...

YUM! where are you finding these cupcake havens? Is there any around Layton area? I always crave a good cupcake.

K said...

Where IS THAT PLACE. No. Don't tell me. How can you do that? How can you eat all those cookies? We bought six cookies from karly Roland and G and I ate them ALL OURSELVES in three days, and they were HUGE. Why are all the large PJ pants I bought before Christmas fitting me now? Because I washed them, right?

Oh why, Lord? WHY did you make broccoli good and cupcakes bad? I KNOW it had something to do with Eve.

Beth said...

I'm the tenth commenter? Man, you're popular. I went for a gno with Laura and Tia and we stopped there. I got a black and white cookie again, and it took top honors for the evening. And I got a double fudge cupcake, which is now my favorite cupcake that I've had from there, but the peanut butter fudge one that Laura got was also really good. Mmm! I can't wait to go back!

andrew's mom said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sick babies! Hope they get better soon!


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