Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Goodness

Tonight I vacuumed. 
I put the leftover dinner in the fridge.
I scrubbed the spit-up out of the carpet. 
I folded all of the clothes and blankets in Maggie's room that she had strewn about. 
I put Maggie's books back on the bookshelf.
I gathered up the dolls and their various shoes from all over the house.
I washed and sanitized the diaper pail.
I folded 4 loads of laundry.
I changed the sheets on the bed.

And I bet that 10 minutes after the kids wake up all evidence of my hard work will be destroyed.


Ginna said...

Isn't that the truth of it?
Too bad we can't just leave all that stuff undone since it's all just going to be ruined anyway. I've tried it, it doesn't work out well. :)

the fellers said...

I hate that...when you get so much done and then it all goes to pot 10 min after they wake up...kudos for working so hard though!

Beth said...

If I did all that in one day I'd have to spend the next 16 hours in a comatose state to recuperate.
I needed a cupcake with you really bad today (pms, anyone?) but I was too scared to bother you. Now, all I can do is cry little cupcake tears.

EmmaP said...

probably true... but for one small moment...everything was perfect. you were perfect! relish the thought!

K said...

Welcome to your next twenty five years. I'm just getting it all cleaned up this week, finally. All thirty years of it.

jwise said...

Yeah, they probably will (or did). But at least you got to enjoy it the evening before!

The Willeyes said...

ditto to emma's thoughts...enjoy it...even if it is for just a few hours...for those few is good :)


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