Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Cupcake Date: Episode 1

Beth and I (both cupcake aficionados) have decided that its sad we haven't explored the local  professional cupcake businesses. So, we went on our first outing on Friday to Flour Girls and Dough Boys

Since Beth has 2 babies and I have 3, it was a little bit rough. In fact, the van-full of old ladies that blocked the handicapped entrance with their van making it extremely difficult for me to navigate my mondo stroller into the bakery, kept exclaiming things like:
"Oh! Twins! And another one! 3!? Oh, you are so brave." 

"Gladys! Look! 3. She's so brave." 

"Oh yes! You are brave! Did you see this Peggy?" 

Brave? I guess. But the way they were going on about it I felt more foolish than brave. The bakery/cafe really was not accommodating of large strollers. It was pretty bad. I wish I had photos, but we kinda had our hands full of cupcakes and children. 

Anyway, the cupcakes were good, disappointing because they were FROZEN, but good. Beth and I each ate half of our frozen cuppy-cakes and then took the other half home to thaw. I got the fudge one and Beth's was almond something. I got a smaller vanilla one for Maggie and Clara to share. I really really like the buttercream frosting on that one (I finished Maggie's because she refused--really? who refuses a cupcake?). The fudge filling in my cupcake was so rich it was a bit too chocolatey for me. But I'd like to try another flavor. The store itself was adorable with checkerboard floors (like I'm going to have someday) and chandeliers and bright colors. But the next time I go, I'd like a fresh (not frozen) cupcake and no stroller.

We've decided to make these little cupcake dates and ongoing thing. Next we're thinking of going to Dipidee or The Sweet Tooth Fairy


Shawna Iverson said...

Yes I remember who you are. Thank you for your sweet comments. I love my life and couldnt be happier. And Yes I love that you read my blog. Feel free to do so, Im planning on adding you to mine. Your blog is really cute and full of alot of fun things.

Emily said...

You've probably seen if you read my blog at all that I adore cupcakes and have eaten approximately 1,000 since moving to NYC. I've had some from Dippidee which are pretty good (but to be honest their sugar cookie was better!)

If you ever want to get some amazing cupcakes, come to NYC. I'll take you on a cupcake grand tour!!


K said...

Okay, I have put three inches on my hips just reading this. But laughing about the ladies kept off the other two inches. You really are soooooo brave. But not selfish - selfish would have left those children (and the stroller) behind, man.

So unselfish and brave.

Tiffany said...

I've been to Dipidee-- such a cute little bakery. I had a friend who helped the owner open the store back in AF when I worked at Prudential. Anyway- hope they don't server frozen desserts!!

Ginna said...

What's with frozen cupcakes!?! Lame!
I want to come on the next adventure. I love cupcakes.

Tia said...

I must say, this post is delicious. I LOVE Flour Girls and Dough Boys. Their tomato soup and panini sandwhiches are so comforting on cold winter days. They have a poppyseed cupcake with a lemon filling and buttercream frosting that is my weakness. It is really strange that yours was frozen, I've never had that happen!
I've also been to dippidee and they have some good ones, I tried 4 different ones, and only REALLY liked one of them.

Beth said...

I thought the staff was a bit snotty to us (I saw their sidelong glances at us) and not very accommodating. But once my cupcake thawed I LICKED the box it came in clean. YUM!

Rachel said...

LOL! Sorry.....Having seven in tow.....I know "the look"....

jwise said...

Gee, you're so BRAVE!! ha ha ha Yes, that must have been extremely annoying. I think I would have died. I don't like that much attention being paid to me! But I think you and Beth should definitely make a habit out of this--sounds awesome. Make sure you keep us updated. I'm a cupcake aficianado, too, as you well know. :)

The Willeyes said...

I LOVE cupcakes!!! What a fun "date" You should have a cupcake party...and invite me of course. That would be a blast!

And aren't little old ladies so never know what they might say "oh brave one" :)


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