Thursday, January 22, 2009

Since You Asked... Part II

Thanks for the distractions from my woe woe is me-ing. You've got some great questions. I'll get right to it: 

1. Here are a few...
a. What is your bucket list? (Things you want to do or go to before you kick the bucket)
b. How did you chose your kid's names?
c. What movie do you know every line to?
d. Do you like to drink the juice out of Otter Pops?
This is fun!

a. I haven't really assembled my bucket list yet, but I think I definitely would need to attend the temple dedication in Hungary (no, they haven't said there is going to be a temple in Hungary, but I'm sure someday they will), go on a cruise, spend a week on the beach in Mexico (not in July--too hot), publish a book, go on at least 1 mission, Travel through England and Italy (and I guess some of the countries in between, since I'm there...), buy a boat.
b. I've liked the name Maggie for forever, William I love because my maiden name was Williams, and Coleman was a kid that was always getting in trouble when I was doing my student teaching but he was so darn cute that I couldn't hate him. Later, we found out that Coleman was my great grandma's maiden name and she was so amazing so I loved the name even more. We like to pick names that have significance for our family--so we get out the 8 generation family history chart and go from there.
c. I think I know every line to School of Rock--sometimes I entertain Dan by reciting entire scenes for him. I am also very familiar with The Great Race and What's Up Doc and I can do Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre lines like nobody's business.
d. I find that the juice from otter pops triggers a cough reflex, so I generally don't buy them. I'm a big twin pops fan, though.
Yes, that was fun! 

2. Silly thing. But I'm just as likely to write exactly this, myself. Okay, Miss Face - why do you think Mr. Obama is so danged wonderful? As far as i can see, he's really never actually done anything to earn the adulation the nation is pouring on him. I'd love to find that it's warranted, but from what little I know, he voted "present" too many times to impress me with any sense of his real power or point of view. So you love him - tell me why. And Michelle's clothes don't count.

OK, K, no, Michelle's clothes don't count even though she's lovely. Mr. President Obama is an inspiring individual. I love his story to begin with--a poor kid from a divorced family going on to graduate from an Ivy League school with the determination to make the world a better place. Read about it here. I love that he is taking the apathy and cynicism that is everywhere in this country and is replacing it with hope and change. Yesterday during his speech I found myself saying "Yes!" after nearly every line because he knows what is wrong in America. He knows what needs to happen. And he's not saying "So, sit back, I'm gonna take care of it."  He's saying "Get ready because we're going to change things together." When I see Barack Obama I see Hope. I see a man who isn't just words (but my, those words are wonderful). He has a plan and the ability to inspire a generation to care about politics that only previously cared about themselves. The world is scaring me more and more all the time, but somehow I feel safer and more hopeful knowing that our commander in chief knows that I'm worried about my husband's job security, the air my children breathe, the financial burden at the check-out counter and the gas pump, and how money is slipping through holes in the government in billion dollar amounts. President Obama has a way of making everything it seem like it will work out--if we dig into our Christian values and do it together. He and I both say, "Yes We Can!" 

3. I just missed the dead line- But I have a rather corney question- I was wondering you would be my friend? Now, you maybe thinking to yourself- well Kati, I am your friend. But honestly I just want to know that I have a friend in the ward. Maybe I am being a little, well, maybe a lot "self absorbed" myself lately. And maybe I am just a little insecure, but this ward has been a challenging one for me. I have always had a friend in the wards I have gone to- from day one pretty much. You know, a friend you could sit by, chat with or not and maybe even hang out outside of church every once in a while. I don't have that here and it is quite lonely. Anyway, I kind of came up with the same thing the other day- that I need to be thinking of others and not all the problems my family has been going through. And I don't know the people around here well enough to know how to serve them. I have given cookies out to dozens in the ward, but I am looking for something more than that- so I apologize for asking TWO questions, but what do you recommend??

Kati, yes! I will be your friend. I totally know how you feel. My problem is that I am terribly awkward and insecure. I am so afraid of coming across as lame and weird that I too scared to call people or even start a conversation. It's so dumb! I am even scared to call friends I've had since elementary school because I'm afraid I won't be able to come up with something to say. So, now that you know how lame I am, do you still want to be my friend? Just kidding.  I know that Stacey (who just moved in) feels the same as you and me, its been kind of hard to make friends. So, let's be friends! One thing I wish we had here was enrichment clubs or a weekly ward playgroup. So I was thinking we should do something like that, you know, get together once a week or so and watch our kids beat each other up, oh wait, I mean play.  Or get together and do something else--I had so much fun painting those terrible clocks with you forever ago. So, I guess that's what I recommend is--let's just do something instead of sit at home with our 3 children (respectively) and feel sorry for ourselves. And I know that Stacey told me that she wishes there was like a mommy pre-school or something because her 5 year old kid is desperate for some social interaction and she misses it herself. Gosh, I love you. I feel better already. 

4. Do you remember the day that Joel fell out of the treehouse and ran home crying?
Do you remember when I took the hairband off your strawberry shortcake doll and almost ruined your life?
Do you remember when we made Cammon's and my bedroom into a haunted house?
Hmmm. Another question--more involved this time.... If you could live anywhere in the country, where would it be and why? (Utah because of family is a good answer, but think outside utah for me if you will)

Ginna dear, yes. I remember Joel and the treehouse fall, but not the running home part. I just remember screaming and screaming because I thought he was surely dead. Yes, I remember the hairnet and the Herself the Elf doll. You didn't "almost" ruin my life, you did ruin it. Ha ha. Just kidding. I was sure a dramatic child, wonder I had any friends. Thanks for putting up with me. Yes, I remember the haunted house--still keeps me up at night. And last question, if I could live anywhere in the country, where would it be and why? Oooh, good one! Okay, obviously I chose Utah because of family. But if that weren't a feasible option there are so many other wonderful locations. I would love love love Santa Fe, NM. It is one of most incredible places I've ever been. Its like this huge mish-mash modge-podge of people, cultures, religions, and foods. It could just be that I truly believe my aunt Susan is magical and could make any place amazing, but I think her city of Santa Fe is one of the world's wonders. It's like the perfect place. Joel and Beth spent a summer living there during one of his internships and they adored the experience (even though Joel broke both of his collarbones that summer). I also enjoy the city of Henderson, NV. It is only 6 hours from your mother (proximity to mothers is always a bonus), it is beautiful despite its desertiness. And its close to all the fun Vegas has to offer without you feeling like you live on the strip with all it's yuckiness. My uncle Garth lives there and I always am up for visiting them. Always. I'd go right now if I could.  I spent some time in upstate NY with my sister and thoroughly enjoyed the east. I love how you can drive through 5 states in the time it takes you to get to Vernal from Provo. Everything is historical and green and beautiful. But it is a very long way from your mother. Also I had cousins who lived in West Virginia and Chicago when I was growing up and I saw them like once every 4 years--which was not enough. Its expensive to fly a family and takes a long time to drive. But maybe with a dentist salary that wouldn't be a problem... oh to dream! And my sister Courtney wouldn't forgive me if I failed to promote Colorado. It's mountainous. It's beautiful. And if you move to a town like Pueblo you can buy a house twice the size you could afford in Provo. But exercise caution driving through those mountain passes in the winter to visit family in Utah--it can get SCARY! Other places of note: Mesa/Phoenix area (but I would insist on owning a pool), Fulsome, CA, and Wendover, Nevada (kidding about that last one). 

5. It always helps me to do stuff for other people. Like, take brownies to my neighbor that I know hates me, or something like that. Even when it's inconvenient and I feel like a fool for doing it, at least I stop thinking about myself for a minute.
Good luck. I love you. I've been wanting to call and sing you a song on your phone, but I'm always afraid you'll answer.

Thanks, Beth. I love you, too. And don't you know I screen my calls? I never answer when it's you anyway. jk. Your singing phone messages are my very favorite. Next time you can skip the brownies for the mean person and just sing on my phone and consider that your service project. 


Rachel said...

This was a fun idea Meg's. Thanks for letting us all pull you out of your self misery. :D

Brad and Kati Baxter said...

-deep breath- I feel so much better knowing I HAVE A FRIEND :) I do not know Stacy. Does she have other kids- or just a five year old girl? Playdates- great idea! Does this ward do any enrichment activites? Also- it would be way fun to do something without the kids. Any ideas? I am such a small town country girl- my ideas of fun are probably a lot different from this city world- haha! I won't go into what we have done, charges are still pending... Just kidding. A little preschool would be fun. I would be horrible at it, but I would do my best :)

It was fun to read all your other answers! You are such a funny girl and FAR from lame!

The Tuck Family said...

Thanks Megs!!! You always seem to know just what to say....I guess we are both in a funk! We should take our funky selves to go get a pedicure together...cause everyone knows I can't reach mine and you don"t have the time even if you wanted too! It would be fun.

I'm feelin' electric blue about you?

Ginna said...

See, what an insensitive friend I was! I couldn't even remember what kind of a doll it was that I ruined. Gosh, good thing you kept me around. :)
So our idea of figuring out where to live is starting out by trying to think of places we like that are within a day's drive of parents.
When we were in MO it was an 18 hr drive--just WAY WAY too long. And we had to drive through Denver with all the snowy mountains. So I know exactly what you're talkin about with that.
So we're looking at CA, CO, and some of AZ.
But I hadn't really ever though about Santa Fe. I'm going to have to do some more thinking and research.
Thanks for answering me, that was fun and gave me some different ideas!
You're cute.

the fellers said...

I have to comment on one of your answers....the answer to the question if you will be Kati's friend...first of all, why did we never get together when you lived like 2 blocks from me? I am so sad about that, and secondly, you guys should TOTALLY get a mommy group together, AND a preschool. We are doing that in our ward. We have Mommy Monday the first and third Monday of the month, and alternate the houses we go to. It is a lot of fun, and great for our kids to get together...besides nursery. ALSO, we are starting a joy school me and a couple of other mom's in the ward. I am so excited to do it, 1st, because Scoty is going to be held back (Like Maggie), and I think he is ready to start learning more, and not just from me, cause he is more obedient to other people. So, we are going to alternate, and spend a few hours a week, get the kids some school supplies and get them a backpack, and GO TO SCHOOL! I am also stoked about this, because I Scoty and Rylee will be in Preschool together, one year apart (Is that how your kids will be?), and it will just get will see how it goes...I think you should do it, and I just think you are so clever and cute, I wish we lived closer....ok, maybe you didnt want to hear that whole rant about how I think you should go for it! Sorry...

megwild said...

It's so fun reading your blog. And to think, I only know you briefly through Dan (but I like you way better than Dan :). Oh, and tell Dan I hope he's coming up with some awesome ideas for the 10 year reunion! Does he know that Yoli moved to Cali?????? Maybe we should just skip the 10 year and start planning the 20 instead. :)

K said...

How dumb is this? I cried about six times as I read you answers. 1) what hit me hardest in your answer to me was this point: that he is galvanizing a generation that has been self-centered to look outward and participate and take action in life. My rewording. That, I can see clearly. I'm not sure where it will take us, but it feels right.

Katie - you are not the first to feel as you do, nor will you be the last. I've lived in our ward for thirty years, and spent almost all of it feeling as Megs described, like I'm just too weird and lame to live, and so I'm reluctant to sit down next to people who might rather crawl in a hole and die than have to sit down to the woman who has to answer every question and mutters under her breath between (sometimes I'm funny, though).

What took me by surprise was your simple honesty. You stated it clearly and without silliness. I'd be proud to sit beside you anytime - assuming you wouldn't rather crawl in a hole.

3) Thank you, Megs, for saying so many times to Gin: "close to your Mom."


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