Thursday, January 22, 2009

Since You Asked... Part I

Thanks friends for rescuing me with your questions. [And don't worry that somebody said something mean to me or that I got feeling sorry for myself from looking at people's perfect blogging lives. No. I just got feeling overwhelmed and sorry for myself on my own. But now I'm feeling better, distracted from my destructive thought pattern. Thanks for caring.]  Now on to the matter at hand. 
1. What do you think is more important? A three month supply of food or a 72 hour kit? Do you think our soonest disaster will necessitate leaving home (thus requiring a 72 hour kit), or being confined to our homes (thus the 3 month supply would be handy. I really can't stop thinking about this.

Thanks for the question, Amy. It is funny you should ask because Dan and I have been pondering this very same question. Dan is a fan of the 72 hour kit, while I can't get over the feeling that I've got to get a basement full of food. Right now especially I'm feeling like with this economy it would just be a good idea to have food on hand to last a long time should a family find itself without income. In my opinion, that would probably be the soonest disaster. 

2. You lame? Come on Megan, you are taking care of twins and a little one to boot!
Take a long bath, and pamper yourself when you get a chance, you deserve it.

Oh, TigerSue! Thanks. I will. 

3. Ok ok I've got one! Would you ever dare do a polar bear dip in a freezing cold icy lake or stream? Do think people who do are benefited by doing so? And Why? (I guess there is a group of people out there, the group calls themselves 'Polar Bears' and they swim in freezing cold bodies of water just for the HEALTH of it).

I've seen a lot of things lately (on the news, in the Reader's Digest, etc.) where people have been doing these Polar Bear swims. And the crazy thing is...they always look like they're having a ball. Considering that I always shiver when I jump into Utah Lake in July, I don't think I would really consider plunging into large frigid bodies of water of my own free will. As for my opinion on the benefits others reap from this activity:
 "The benefits can be very great, it can stimulate mental processes, produce hormones which make the body able to cope with physical stresses and can increase the level of mental awareness and a feeling of well-being.  It can also release stress, remove aches and pains, increase vitality and keep skin looking younger. Apparently the frost is a great preserver! Many even treat their asthma or arthritis with cold water swimming. (see more here)"
 All I know is: A dive into freezing water would definitely stimulate your mental processes and increase your awareness. I could also see it removing aches and pains and releasing stress because who would have time to think about the economy or a hang nail or a headache when your tush has just iced over? There must be some benefits. Probably the biggest benefit would be kind of like running a marathon--just knowing that you could.

4. Peanut butter or jelly?

Dave, If I can only have one, I would probably choose the jelly. But truthfully, I prefer PB and honey. 

5. Remember that time we went skinny dipping? 
yay, that was fun and funny and well- freezing if I remember right.
That's the first question that popped into my head. LOL RANDOM!!

Yes, Tiffany. I do.  I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life. 

6. hot or cold weather...

Oh dear me, Vinnie. I choose hot (with a pool and a good air conditioner.) 

7. My questions for you.
a) Describe your perfect day (pretend someone was watching your kids all day). What would you do...

b) You could always do the "100 things about Me" is honestly pretty fun to do! ;-)

Fun question, Kirsten!
a) My perfect day would be in with Dan in Hungary. I would wake up nice and early in Eger and go for a walk/hike around a castle (like Sirok or Egri Var). Then I would have a big breakfast of crepes (palacsintak) at this adorable and trendy little restaurant in the shadow of the castle called the Palacsinta Palace. I'd eat with friends (right now my mind is just swimming with the faces of all the people I love in Hungary, so I won't even begin to list their names...) After that, I would stroll through the city, spending a long time in the main square, Dobo ter. I would pop into a little store and buy a bottle of Bravo (an orange juice that kind of reminds me of tang) and an armful of chocolate bars: Snickers (as Dawnell always says, "Snickers taste better in Europe"), Boci bars with apricot and cookie chunks, and at least 6 turo rudis.
Then I would take a train to Debrecen and eat all my candy bars while I drank in the scenery. Upon arrival I would jump on the trolly and ride it around town, once again just letting my eyes devour the beauty. I'd meet up with friends at the branch house, then we'd go to the Big Woods and play games like the jumping game, the sign game, ping pong, dippity dippity dip, and all the other games we used to play at FHE. For Dinner, we'd go to City Burger and order cheese pizza just so we could hear them say "Sajtos Pizza Elkeszult!" over the loudspeaker. Then Dan and I would hold hands and walk around the downtown square talking and being silly. [If I could then I'd repeat that day the next day only we'd be in Budapest and Gyor]. 

b) Maybe... 

8. If you were to remodel your kitchen and you had megga money to do so (money not being an issue) what would you consider to be vital? 

Funny you should ask that Rachel, because just tonight I found this and was totally flipping out about how badly I needed it until Dan reminded me that it was silly (but if I had Megga Money, it wouldn't be so silly, would it?): 

Fun retro modern kitchen.

A big, bright, orange, beautiful retro fridge? Oh my stars. Yes. Vital.

Also to be included, a brightly colored KitchenAid stand mixer: 

Another thing that I would abolutely insist upon (in my Megga Money dreams) would be getting the dang carpet out of my dining area and replacing it with adorable checkerboard vinyl tiles (I'd put it in the kitchen too!). 

We love our vintage fridge in this Beach house. Check out the cool floor!

And I'd need these simple, clean-lined cabinets:


And these barstools:


the fellers said...

oooo....I LOVE your kitchen ideas! That green kitchen aid is to DIE for!

Rachel said...

LOL! Yes, Megs. Since money isn't an issue then yes, an orange fridge would be vital.

That green kitchen aid reminds me of our old station wagon my mom used to drive. I can remember asking my mom why in the heck she and dad bought such an ugly beast of a vehicle. She told me that in its day it was a very popular color. Never thought I'd see the day when our green colored station wagon would be "it" again. :D

The Betitas said...

wow you did it! im so impressed. thanks, that entertained me for a good while!

The Willeyes said...

i love your dream kitchen! It is awesome. I have a bright red kitchenaid and I LOVE it!

Holli and Billy said...

I loved those Q&A posts! I was late submitting my question, so hopefully you do it another time...

Ginna said...

Oh, I love the fridge so much. And I too have a bright red kitchenaid, and highly recommend them. So fun to use when baking!

Loving the answers to the questions. They're really fun to read. And I want to come with you to Hungary too. When Kris and I were there (for like 1 day) we had no idea what to do or where to go and we couldn't read a word of the language (obviously, it's not very similar to German!) but it was really cool anyway. I'd go back if I could go with you!

Marilyn said...

It's greedy, because I have a yellow one that I LOVE, but I just wish I could have one of those mixers in each color. Every time I see a new one I think, "Ooh! I wish I had one of _those_!" A whole row of them on my counter: pale turquoise, that lovely lime, orange, pink, purple. Mmm, so pretty!

K said...

I'm with Marilyn on the mixers. But I have to say that I'd probably choose cold weather over hot (yes - have I lost my freaking mind? Look out the window, K!!) because you can always set things on fire and add sweaters to your body to stay warm, but there's no easy way to manufacture coolth. It's not like you can start an ice, or take off more than everything (although I did have fantasies of installing a zipper right down the front of me when I was pregnant in August so many times).


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