Thursday, January 15, 2009

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you are beautiful. by sungazing
  • Rice cereal was dribbling everywhere this morning. All over the place. Everywhere but down their throats. But oh how I tried. I don't blame the boys really, rice cereal is awful stuff. I tasted it when I was feeding it to Maggie and I remember thinking "Oh gosh! This is her first introduction to real food? If I want her to like food I should start her on lasagna or pot roast."
  • The scale is starting to budge. What a relief. For the past 4+ months my weight has stayed the same. Painfully the same. I'm not down 15 pounds or anything now, but since January 1st I'm down some. And some is a thing to be celebrated.
  • Thank heaven for Valentines Day. Thinking about it is a happy place for me lately. Its not like I've ever really done anything super special on that day (Dan took me out to dinner once but it was so crowded and heinous I have insisted on staying home on that day ever since), but for some reason I'm really excited about decorating for it and making plans. Maybe its just a welcome distraction from the spit up and diaper changing.


Rachel said...

I used to like it more until I had so many kids coming home from school with their lists of classmates and those horrid boxes of valentines that you have to buy. I can't stand those things. And yet....if the natives had to hand make a valentine for every Tom, Dick, Joe, and Sally at school I'd cry even harder.

What kids read those things anyway? Mine just look for the ones with cool parents who let them add some candy and even those are ripped apart, candy taken and the card unread thrown in the trash.

Ashley said...

Congrats on moving the scales.. and in the right direction! I'm trying to work on that myself.

The Willeyes said...

Congrats!--and you are probably excited about V-Day because you have such cute decorations to put out!

Marilyn said...

Going out on Valentine's Day is the worst. We now have a tradition of doing something fun with the kids at home on Valentine's Day (like ordering heart-shaped pizza, or making a fancy dinner together) and then Sam takes me out for our "Romantic Date" or either the 13th or the 15th, whichever is easiest. I love it because we don't have to fight the crowds, but I don't get cheated out of a fancy date night. :)

Ginna said...

yay! I love valentines day. It's just a bright spot in a very dark and cold time. Kind of a life saver in some ways. And yay for the scale. I think it's a lot easier to eat right if you see some results from the hard work.
yay for you!

K said...

We always made a big deal out of it. I love red hearts. i cut them out of everything- paper, felt, fabric. And I make tiny arrows out of toothpicks with little red paper tips and feathers and then hang them by red thread from doorways and bathroom mirrors. At least, I used to do this.

I also kind of loved to make the school "mail" boxes and decorate them, and to take the valentines and deliver them. But we didn't have to take the to everybody in my day - like, you wouldn't know you were just getting one from kid X because they HAD to bring one from everyone. I never got very many. Never lived in once place long enough to gather a posse.

Here's the thing about the candy dishes, since I can't get the other post's link to work: Just chop up some red bell pepper (it's SUCH a lovely red) and some radish for white, and put THAT in the dishes, and you won't be tempted to chow down!!


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