Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Great Candy Debate

I love candy. I love how it looks. I love how it tastes. I love grabbing a handful of it and then grabbing another handful after I inhaled the first handful.

Because of that fact, I have not bought candy in a long time. I ate plenty of it at Dan's mother's and plenty of it at my mother's over the holidays but I didn't purchase any (in fact the candy I stuffed in our stockings was all re-gifted from Christmas parties--is it horrible to admit that?)

Anyway, here is the debate:

I have 3 little candy dishes that I adore filling up with holiday candies. I didn't use them for Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas. But I am really wanting to showcase some adorable red, pink, and white confections for Valentine's Day. 

But! I know myself and I know I will eat them. Because, if it's there and it tastes good it will be consumed. 

So, I'm asking for advice. Do I a) buy yummy candy and try to exercise self control or b) try to find some candy that doesn't interest me or c) just get rid of the candy dishes so I won't keep thinking about them.

What say ye?


Amanda D said...

I think a combination of buying candy that you do like and buying some that you don't like is the ticket. That way you wont over-indulge but you'll get to have treat for the holiday season.

Ems said...

yeah I lean towards buying candy you're not into because if you fill those dishes with mini snickers you'll be toast!

Ginna said...

Last year I filled some dishes with valentines colored m&ms. They looked so cute. BUT I ate them all. And then I had to get some more to fill them up with and I ate all those. It took me a while to do it, but I ate them.
I think self control when the delicious is right there staring you in the face is really hard. So if you're trying to eat super healthy right now I'd say skip the candy dishes altogether, and do it next year.

But that's just me :) I'm not putting out any m&m for valentines day this year, that's for sure!

amy said...

I'm definitely in favor of getting rid of your candy bowls altogether, HOWEVER, if you love it for the tradition of it, fill them with stuff you don't like. Over the holidays I bought some fruity candy canes (and we still have them because hard candy does not interest me at all!) Or candy like jolly ranchers, I can have for a year in a cupboard. But put out some chocolates or chewy candies, and I will eat them all.

Ashley said...

If it were me and I didn't want to be eating candy (because there is almost no candy that I don't like except that orange and black nasty Halloween candy) I would just put up the candy dishes and hope to not think about it. Or - I might just use the candy dish as an excuse to buy the candy and gobble it all up! You know what? Then I would need more candy, right? I think I have a candy dish somewhere... sounds like a plan!


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