Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Really Doing It

Okay, I know it's only been 2 days... BUT I've been tracking my calories (and making healthy food choices to boot! I mean, I only added 1 tsp of brown sugar to my oatmeal this morning... that is improvement!) and I've done it for 2 days. This is the start of something good.

And watching a bunch of obese people weight in on Biggest Loser tonight is a good motivator for me to keep this up. 

Now if I can just figure out how to get some physical activity in between the diaper changes and 3 am feedings. Up to now I've just been to tired to consider it, but I've got to start somehow. Any ideas? Anybody got an extra treadmill?


Kirsten said...

Megan I am with you all the way. Just know, you and I are doing this together (becca may be too)...I just haven't had time to blog about it. It's not easy is it?! I am hungry so much more and I hate it! ;-) So, don't give up because I am going to be wearing that bathing suit in Vernal with you!!!!

The past couple of days, my neighbor and I have been walking at 5:30am. It is cold (ok super, super cold), it is early and the first couple of days stunk, but we missed today and I feel the difference. Grabbing a buddy makes you accountable and makes me get up in the mornings. I was tired the first couple of days but now I get in exercising and scripture reading before its even 6:30am. Of course I am not nursing twins but I figure it's the only way when we can't afford a treadmill and we can't afford a gym membership.

Ok, I have said enough and just know we are in this together! Great job for you so far! Here's to Vernal and a Modbe (or whatever) swimsuit this summer! I am going to title it "Lookin Fine in 2009!" ;-)

Ginna said...

The working out/physical activity is really the hardest thing for me. I have a hard time fitting it in even with just Max to worry about. I try to go to the Y when he's in school, so that works out pretty well. But for you, hmmm. Do youguys have a Wii? I hear the wii fit is pretty cool, although I haven't been able to scrape together enough cash to get one myself. Treadmills are great if you have one in the house, but expensive like you say. Sometimes play it again sports or places like that might have 2nd hand ones.
Something I did for a while was put my bike up on a trainer and ride in the house. Those trainers can be a little pricey though.
Blah. That probably didn't help much at all. But good for you. It's hard but worth it!!

The Willeyes said...

Watching the Biggest Loser is a great motivator! As for physical exercise-I think chasing 3 kids is a pretty good workout:)

the fellers said...

well, I finally realized that in order to get something done around the house, I just had to get my kids napping at the same time in the afternoon, SO, I am a bad mom, and I wake Rylee up from her morning nap, so that I can get her to nap at the same time as Scoty, maybe you could do that, and get some exercise while they are sleeping...but for me that didnt work, so I just turn on the tv for Scoty, make sure he has some fun toys, and trust him to keep himself occupied for 30 minutes, while I go in my room and exercise, most always he is in there with me "exercising" too, or climbing on my, under me, or running around me, but hey, it is like lifting weights right? I do Tae-Bo, and I LOVE it...cause I can do it at home, and it is free! Good luck! way to go on the calorie count....biggest loser was crazy last night, hey?

EmmaP said...

i know what you mean. i watched world's largest people on TLC over new years and it was enough to make me not eat -- well for a few hours anyway! haha! good job!

Rachel said...

Oh my crap! Where did you get that picture on the left? I am so gonna kill who ever found that of me and put it up on the web!

Ashley said...

The hubby and I started a 'diet' (really just eating healthy sense we've been stuffing our face with bad stuff the last year) on Monday and I made him watch Biggest Loser with me last night. haha! He hates it. I think it is a good motivational tool.

Jenny said...


You should join my blog "As You See Fit" and join our quest to a healthier life. If you want, you can be an author too. (I mainly think you should check it out for selfish reasons -- I think as busy and tired as you are, you would have some good practical input and questions to get us all thinking.) But a bunch of my friends and I are on our way to changing our lives forever -- step by step. It's just starting up, but the point of it is to learn from each other, support each other, etc. Check it out if you like http://healthymeanstoahealthyend.blogspot.com


K said...

I am trying to deflate a little myself. And yes, the treadmill is my weapon of choice. It's the only way I can watch TV with reduced guilt. I am especially energetic during The Biggest Loser. You just have to eat good things, Megs, not convenient things (although snow peas can be very very convenient, as can those little raw carrots), and not eat after 6:30. Char went from the hopeless roly poly girl who'd eaten too many fun things in Japan to this lean, mean fightin' machine she is now, pretty much only by not eating after 6:30 (the doctor's suggestion). Oh, and not eating sugar except on Saturday. Baking is kind of a bad idea during this kind of quest.

Emily said...

the only weight I will be losing these days is goign to be from pulling my hair out. MY kids ran out of the of the house and hid from me twice form this morning and thus I spent my whole day watchign them like a hock. Honestly brushing my teeth was too much time on their own!!! Three kids is going to be the death of me! I know what it is like be to too tired to get up early and too tired to after bedtime to exercise. If and when you find the secret let me in on it K?!?!?!? :O)

But if this means anything last time I saw you I thought you looked fabulous.


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