Monday, December 8, 2008

Saving Susan Lucci, Maggie's Attitude, and Other Events

Part I. Saving Susan Lucci

I'm pretty sure she should have thanked me in that speech.

I had a dream the other day that I won a free cruise! I was so excited, but when I got there I found out that the cruise was:
a) just over night, 
b) not actually leaving the harbor and 
c) on a crumby boat where the "cabin" area was actually an airplane cabin with rows and rows of seats.

 I tried to remain optimistic none the less. The best part of the cruise was that there were celebrities onboard. The guys from Rockapella, a few of the Backstreet Boys, one of my EFY counselors, and Susan Lucci (yes, that Susan Lucci from Young and the Restless, which show I have never watched.) When I grew tired sitting in my seat (37 F) listening to my ipod I took a stroll on deck. I chatted briefly with the BSB, after I overheard them arguing with their manager, and then I noticed Susand Lucci swimming in the water below. Only she wasn't swimming--she was drowning! I dove into the depths and saved her. Saved her soap opera life is what I did. I think she was grateful--don't really remember.

Part II. Maggie's Attitude

Our conversation yesterday:

Me: Maggie did you do a poopie?
Maggie: No.
Me: Maggie, I'm pretty sure your diaper is poopie.
Maggie: So?

Part III. Other Events

We watched Hairspray once yesterday and once the day before. It's Dan's favorite. I love that Dan loves this musical. Its generally not a genre he's willing to watch. It might be the whole "fat kid takes over the world" theme he gets a kick out of. And he probably has a thing for Zac Efron. Don't we all? Okay, not really.

Happy Monday!


The Willeyes said...

HHHUUUMMM! I wonder where in the world Maggie got that attitude from :)

Rachel said...

You crack me up. Your Maggie and my Jadon are conspiritors!

hollibilly said...

HA HA HA! Billy and I were just looking up Rockapella on YouTube the other day! I used to love them!

jwise said...

That is HILARIOUS!! You should write out that dream into a movie manuscript. Susan Lucci could play herself.

amy said...

i'll watch Hairspray with Dan anytime! I love it. I own two copies and the CD. I listen to "Good morning Baltimore" every morning replacing the word baltimore with Lehi, as I dance around the house like I'm walking down a street pretending to be Tracy Turnblad.

Kirsten said...

We love Hairspray!!! The kids know almost all the songs (we belted them out loud last time we drove to Utah)! In fact I am giving it to myself for Christmas. It is under the tree and everything. BTW-great job saving Susan...hopefully she'll thank you for it someday! ;-)

Tigersue said...

I can tell you don't watch soaps. Susan Lucci is actually on All My Children. How do I know? My mother always watched soaps! I can't stand them, but I know plenty about soaps over the years, thanks to her. :)


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