Monday, December 8, 2008

Breaking Up

I LOVE bottled Coke by Shirla
Dear Coca-Cola,

I love you--truly.  I adore you in all your forms: regular, diet, zero, cherry, black cherry vanilla, vanilla, cherry-vanilla, lime, caffeine free, and caffeine full. I love you in Mexico. I love you in Europe. I'm even obsessed with your friends Mr. Pibb, Dr. Pepper, and your arch-enemy Pepsi. I feel comforted by your bubbly goodness. I like your stomach settling qualities. I enjoy every peppy sip.

But it's over. I'm breaking up with you. I'm sorry. Believe me, this is harder on me than it is on you. See, I've never been hardcore addicted to you, but I've been flirting around for too long. I know coke drinking is not the healthiest habit to have. But I just enjoy you so much. And with my sleep deprived state, I have loved having the occasional soda for a mid-morning pick me up.  
But last week the Lord's Word appeared in my mailbox and I realized I need to knock it off. So, I'm gonna. Read all about it here. Basically soda drinking leads to all that is bad. And I'm figuring I don't need more bad in my life. I only enjoyed you once last week. And I haven't had any soda for days now. Anyway, starting January 1, 2009 I'm going completely carbonation-free. No sodas in any way for a year. Then I'll have me a celebratory sip and start over again. I could have one a year, right?

So, this is goodbye, Coke. Thanks for the memories--that first sip in Mexico when I thought I would puke at the Mennonite farm, ordering 32 ouncers at Crest drive up window with Tasha--searching for change to pay for them, and the morning diet lime coke drinking with Adrianne and Mandy in my BYU cohort. 

You'll find others who will adore you as much as I have, I'm sure. So, good both of us.


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Brittanie said...

WOW you go girl!
That totally inspired me to quit the "juice".

Tasha said...

Worst decision of your life. I promise.

Just playin, you know I support you in absolutely everything (terrorist or not).

But I do, however, refuse to click on those links.

amy said...

That article is the same reason I gave it up on Friday. What got me was the spider that spun the web on Caffeine! For some reason that really scared me. Cheers to us!

Brad and Kati Baxter said...

lol! I enjoy your writing style! Good luck to you on that coke thing! I remember when I went a year without carbonation and that first sip about killed me! It was SO SO BUBBILY! I still don't care for it, or the tummy ache I always get from carbonation!

Thank you for the cookies! They were WONDERFUL! My favorite and also Paul's favorite! Also thanks to Dan for keeping his eye open for a position for Brad! You guys are an awesome couple- we appreciate you guys!

Aly said...

Good for you! However, I have come to realize that Coke and I are in a totally unhealthy relationship. No matter how many times I have tried to leave, I just keep coming back. Despite the weight gain, lethargicness and cavaties it has caused me, I just cannot bring myself to let it go and move on with my life.
I think I need to enter into counseling.

The Willeyes said...

Wow---you go! Good Luck to you. I am trying to break up with Diet going as well as you. I guess now I will have to try harder:)

jwise said...

Loved your letter! I, too, really "enjoyed" (that's not the right word) the picture of the spider on caffeine. Yikes! Good luck in your goal--I'm sure you'll make it and be able to notice a difference! You go, girl!!

Ashley said...

Oh, no... I don't know if I could live without my Coke Zero.... I'm sure I could eventually get on with life but I'm not trying anytime soon. Haha!

The Betitas said...

It will be worth it! Instead, you could have a greensmoothie for your mid morning pick me up!

Rachel said...

Sad sad sad more fizzy nose tingly carbonated burps....


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