Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Governess

Cam, my little brother, is the kind of brother who will step in when you need help and quietly do whatever you need. Like this summer when I had two screaming newborns and a puking 22 month old. He rocked that pukey girl, washed pukey sheets, put my dinner in the oven, and folded 3 loads of laundry. He's the kind of brother who will hope in the passenger seat of a moving van and drive with you to New Mexico so that he can unload that moving van and spare you and your broken collarbone while keeping the kids happy as well (he did that for Joel). He's the kind of brother who will learn about autism so he can love, advocate for, and play with your little boy, and be incapable of loving your child any more because the love and laughter just oozes right out of him (he did that for Courtney). 

And so he has earned the nickname of "Governess." Frauline Cam. Not because he's a sissy--he ain't. But he does for a family what Julie Andrews did for the Von Trapp gang. 'Cept what he don't sew play clothes out of your curtains. Or at least he hasn't learned to do that yet. 

Last night I called upon the boy to come watch over our sleeping brood so we could go to the Christmas party of a dear dear friend. We went. We relaxed. We ate. And we didn't worry ourselves a single second. And that was what Cam did for us. Saved us again.

See, I've been having headaches. A lot of headaches. And they've been getting longer and more frequent, and more painful and less responsive to tylenol. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that basically my body had gotten itself into a headache cycle because of the stress and lack of sleep I've had. 

Well, between the prescribed meds, the stress-free outing (with the Governess watching our babes), and me sleeping with earplugs last night so that I didn't even know when Dan got up to feed the twins a bottle, I woke up feeling groovy.

And groovy is a really good thing to feel.

who is a life saver in your life?


Rachel said...

Can I borrow Governess Frauline Cam? I'm supposed to be resting and not have any stress in my life as well. :D

I would definetly have to say the life saver in my life would be my SM. He has been working round the clock LITERALLY so that I can rest and not have stress and this morning he is in bed nursing one of those headaches that you be talkin' bout......laws they are nasty. Wish his wife would get her fat butt out of bed and take care of things round these here parts seein' as he's so tuckered out and all.....

Isn't it amazing what just one good night of sleep will do for you? I'm so glad you were finally able to get one! Another thing to try is put a fan in your room. I put it on just level one and have it facing away from me during the winter. It helps with white noise...during the summer I put that thing on full blast two inches away from my body. Then the past....when I've been prego in the winter.....I've been known to turn that sucker on full blast on myself two inches away as my SM lays shivering under hoards of blankets.... ice frozen to his nose I happily chew away on ice chips.......not the ones stuck to his nose hairs......:D

Ginna said...

What a sweet brother. I tell ya, what would we do without brothers and sisters in our lives?
And boy, I'm not surprised that you have headaches you poor thing. I get them too, and I have 1/3 the reason.
Keep sleeping and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

(hey my word verification was heine...weird.)

jwise said...

That is AWESOME! It's fantastic that he is so close. I have great siblings who are my savers--I just wish they were closer. Jordan & Heather drove all night from Cedar City to get here when we got back from Israel & I was 7 months pregnant to help us fix up our yard which had been untouched for a good year by our renters. Then Elin flew out to help me unpack when our shipment finally arrived (after 2 months in a hotel--and did I mention I was 7 months pregnant?). Savers are God-sends! I'm happy you have Cam. Hope the headaches go away!! :(

The Willeyes said...

Wow, I feel for you with headaches! Anyway, my family is my lifesavers as well. Aren't families great! Keep sleeping, keep smiling and have a very Merry Christmas:)

Amanda D said...

Thank goodness for good brothers. I have one myself. Merry Christmas!

The Betitas said...

i have a brother like that. its THE BEST. if the headaches might want to look into craniosacral therapy. its one of those things that may just be worth trying.

Beth said...

I love Cam, too.

Nana said...

What a sweet brother. My husband is my life saver. In too many ways to mention here.

Leslie said...

This made me cry. What an awesome dude.


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