Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Deep Doctrine Dodge

While I was a missionary in the MTC, I was informed that my visa to Hungary had not arrived and I would be sent to the San Fernando, CA mission to serve until the visa came through. I was excited. Mostly because Hungarian scared the pants off me and I was pretty sure my mouth was not made to form some of the sounds Hungarian required.

Anyway, I lived for nearly 3 months in Lancaster, CA which is--I don't remember exactly--but somewhere around 1.5 hours north of The Valley. It was a hot, dry, windy, allergy ridden place. But I loved it. So much. 

Then my visa came. I went to Hungary. And I eventually lost contact with the people in Lancaster that I loved.

Until tonight. I went to a Relief Society Meeting and there was President Dodge preparing to speak to us. President Dodge. Deep Doctrine Dodge. He was a member of the Stake Presidency and a member of the Sierra Ward that I had served in in California. I ate dinner at his home several times. I sat spellbound every time he shared spiritual thoughts. When he saw me crying through church because I had a companion that nearly drove me insane he invited us over and gave me some amazing counsel that I still have written on a notecard in my scriptures.

I loved that man. And I was able to tell him that tonight.

He told me a hilarious tidbit (along with deep doctrine, hilarious tidbits were something he was always good for) about his grandparents. They had 18 natural born children. Among them were 4 sets of twins. [If I hadn't seen the pictures I wouldn't have believed it]. The truly hilarious part is what their names were: Loren and Orin, Veldon and Velda, Lola and Zola, and my favorite Herbert and Thurbert.  Why didn't we think of those names for our boys?

[The photo above shows President and Sister Dodge, my Kiwi companion, and me. My other companion was taking the picture.  A little disclaimer about how bad I look in that the greenie stage of my mission I was much more concerned with study than my hair. ]


MOMster said...

FOUR sets of twins?! Just kill me now is what I would say. One set...maybe, but four. Oh, they are my heros, but I wouldn't want to be them. Wow. I

Rachel said...

Four sets of twins sounds very painful but....not as painful as their names......poor kids...but then again....if I had four sets of twins....I'd be out of my mind too and coming up with names like Poopsie and Whoopsie!

Tigersue said...

That was sooo, funny. I loved last night. His story of the twins made me think of a woman who had some babies I took care of in NICU years ago, she had twins, triplets, then twins, or it could have been triplets, twins, triplets, I don't remember exactly, I just know there were three sets of multiples, and one set was definetly twins and one was triplets! Could you imagine.

Not I.

The Willeyes said...

Okay, I am SO glad you picked the names you did~! Much better choices:) I can't imagine 18 kids...let alone 4 sets of twins! Wow, amazing woman.

Kirsten said...

Megan-Was the Sierra ward that you served in by chance in Fresno? Or is this somewhere completely different than Fresno? I grew up in a Sierra Ward in California...just curious! ;-)

I am learning more and more what a small world this is..

Ginna said...

OK seriously, FOUR sets of twins? They HAD to get creative to name them all, right? I love it. And how fun to get to see those folks.

Jennifer said...

Wow--what an amazing coincidence! How do you get from CA to Lehi to speak at Enrichment?!? I'm happy for you--I love those "fateful" events that allow you to run into people who have really meant something to you in your life. That is awesome. Herbert and Thurbert are looking down and smiling.

Holdinator said...

Wonderful story! Lancaster. I have two dear friends from Lancaster whose acquaintance changed the course of my life forever. Huzzah Lancaster!

Cyndi said...


This cracks me up. They sure like to rhyme! You totally named your twins wrong...sorry to tell ya.

What a neat story. Love it!

Oh, we used to safety pin the zipper down so she can't unzip the pj's. I am still having that problem and we are out of diapers. Which mean...two pieces. Every night my husband tucks their shirts in and duct tapes them around the waist. It makes them look like a superhero. It works...but you have to be generous tape and keep it tight. Good luck.

Cyndi said...

Ok, I just read your comments. Mine was nothing new...sorry for the repeat advice.

K said...

I love the connections we make through the gospel. I thnk about it - how people we'd never, ever have known in the world become almost family to us. It's really kind of amazing. I'm so glad you got to see them again.


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