Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brain Barf

Right now I'm having an anxiety attack mixed with laughter, sadness, love, and contemplation. So, instead of cleaning my house like I really need to do for the relief society progressive dinner I'll be hosting in my kitchen tomorrow, I'm sitting here with two fussy babies blogging [I'm blogging. Not the babies.] Here is some of what is running laps around my brain (gosh it would be good if I were running laps, but alas here I sit on my plump rear end):

  • I made banana bread since Maggie decided this week that she is so over eating bananas and the banana bunch in the fruit bowl was more brown than yellow. I mean, come on Mom, bananas are so October. I found the recipe on this lovely inter-web and wouldn't you know it was extremely good?
  • Maggie can't get enough Elmo, so while I nurse we have started watching Sesame Street clips on YouTube. You have to watch this. And don't stop before the end because the last minute is the best part. Ben Stiller is not even my favorite. I don't even really like him. But I almost wet myself when he sings at the end, "A cheese is a person in your neighborhood." Seriously? That's hilarious.
  • I care about what people think of me. Sometimes I really wish I didn't. But if you're going to fly off the handle please don't do it on my blog--cause I'm sensitive. I care. If I read something on a blog I don't agree with, do you know what I do? I mull it over. To myself. In my head. And if it bothers me that much I take the dang blog off my google reader.  I believe we can all be respectful. Nice even. So let's.
  • Proposition 8 makes me sad. I support it. But I'm sad for everybody involved and all the hate and hurt on both sides. Contention. That's what it is. And I do not like it. Let's just trust in God to get us through this adversity.
  • My nephew Lincoln wishes that Uno made a Star Wars card game. Actually Lincoln wishes that there was a Star Wars version of everything. Maggie drew his name for Christmas--anybody have a gift idea under 10 bucks?
  • If you heard Maggie say pumpkin it would make you melt from shear cuteness. I am so serious. She puts a pen in my hand and commands me to draw them for her and I can't say no because of how she says it: "Puh-Kuhn." And my favorite is "Puh-kuhn Koo-Kee." I'm her puh-kuhn koo-kee baking slave.
  • Our house is so dark I feel like I live in a flipping cave. [What you don't know what a flipping cave is? It's a dark cave where you do tricks like tripping over the sofa. Way awesomer than a regular cave.] I bought a lamp at DI tonight to shed some light on the family room. But I'm still looking for a massive lampshade for an adorable lamp we put in Maggie's room. Where do you find a HUGE lampshade? And don't say Target or Walmart or Sears. Tried those. Tried DI too.
  • My boys got shots today and now they are both Grumpy McGrumpsters--adorably cute 12 pound 14 ounce Grumpy McGrumpsters with chunky thighs. I love these babies. 
  • Little brother Cam is having a birthday Monday.  Number 24, I believe. What do you get the boy who has everything? My standard gift for the boy is an I-tunes card but I'd like to branch out.
Okay, I feel somewhat better having sorted these racing thoughts into nicely bulleted points. Maybe I'll go work off the rest of my worries and heartache by scrubbing my sink and dusting the front room. I used to love dusting. When I was 11. Anybody have an 11 year old they'd like to send over?


Jenny said...

I'm so sorry that someone left not-so-kind words on your blog somewhere. No matter what anyone says, we all care about what others think of us -- to some degree. Or, at least I think so. We all love you Megan! We love love love you. Good luck with the progressive dinner.

Ginna said...

I really like your bulleted list there. It's very clean and nice looking.
I feel the same way about prop 8. I support it but it makes me sad, and all the hate and contention flying around makes me feel terrible.

I love your babies too, and I wish I could come and squeeze them.

And I hate to dust too. But if I had an 11 yr old I'd definitely lend them out, no problem.

Tiffany said...

Who said those mean things to you?! I'm coming right over to beat them up.
Love ya Megs! Good luck on your dinner!

Rachel said...

I know, how about when they get to your house you tell them to keep on progressing to the nearest diner? Meg's part of the progressive dinner is fries at McD's!

Hang in there girl. We love you!!! You are a very good mommy and hang the dang dinner. Dust is the glue which keeps our houses together. That and cobwebs. That stuff is tough!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for deleting my post! I see this forum is far and balanced. Let’s define Marxism, ok! Here we go…

Marxism: is the political philosophy and practice derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Any political practice or theory that is based on an interpretation of the works of Marx and Engels may be called Marxism. A theoretical presence of Marxist approaches in western academic fields of research is present in the disciplines of anthropology, media studies, theatre, history, Sociological theory, economics,[1] literary criticism, aesthetics, and philosophy. Now look up “Sociological Theory”. Be advised… only look this up if you want the truth, otherwise delete my post, like a good liberal.

Cambo said...

You can call my sister a Marxist if you want, but that means I'm also allowed to call you a coward for only posting anonymously. I'm sure if Megs knew who was posting dissenting viewpoints, she would not delete them. If you had the courage to simply be named, we would all be able to take you and your opinions a little more seriously.

Cambo said...

Megs, I have my blog set so anonymous users can't post. I think you should change the settings on your blog too. That way, no one's right to post is restricted, but they have to be known in order to do it. I also have my blog set so that I have to approve every comment before it is published. That might be kind of a pain since you get SO MANY comments (nobody ever comments on mine) but I like it (and no, I don't use it to filter out opinions I don't like, I use it to filter out spam).

Jennifer said...

Love all the bullet points. Nothing solves a spinning head like bullet points. (I'm very serious.) I'm with Cam on changing your settings so that only known people can post things, and/or your approval of comments before they are posted. That way everything stays positive and nice and people who are trying to pick fights can't do it on your blog. Anyhoo (as Grandma used to say), there are great Star Wars Lego sets for $10--if Lincoln doesn't already have them all--at either WalMart or Target or try lego.com if you can't find them locally. And BTW, I don't even notice the dust any more. The socks and the school papers and the pieces of *whatever* are bigger so I notice them more. ha ha ha

Dan said...

Don't you get it Anonymous? You have gone too far and are not welcome to post on this blog anymore.

You're right, this blog "is far and balanced". It is far, far away from any of your business, so get lost and don't come back.

tasha said...


What is truly confusing is that you continue to leave unidentified comments to a kind person who is willing and able to explain why she feels and thinks the way she does. It is one thing to sincerely question Megan's position, but another thing entirely to disregard her request to refrain from leaving mean comments and getting mad at her. She clearly said that she is not asking to agree.

Holdinator said...

I'm thinking that Anonymous must not personally know Megan. There is something really mean spirited about reading what Megan wrote in this post and then leaving that comment, especially when anyone who knows the author of this blog knows how sincerely kind and compassionate she is.

Ah well. Dude. Your banana bread sounds really good.

Megs said...

thank you friends.

and thank you anonymous for the definition. I'd just like to say that I am a kind and understanding person. And I hope you try to be the same. Like I've said before, we don't need to agree but we do need to be kind. I can tell that we are both passionate, thinking, American citizens. So, thanks for your concern, but since I doubt we can dissuade each other from our current views, please take me off your google reader or bookmark or however you get here.

And I only accepted anonymous comments so that my mom could comment once every 200 posts when she felt like it. But my mom's comments were usually sweeter, saying things like "oh yes! i feel like eating banana bread, too. Let's make some."

Julie said...

Ok "Anonymous" seriously? Is your life really that crappy that you have to go around blog stalking and leaving disrespectful comments to people you don't even know?
You need to remember that this is Megan's blog and she is free to post whatever she pleases. And although Megan would never say this because she is way to nice--frankly none of us give a fat rat's hairy butt what your opinion is, especially if you don't have the balls to back them up with your name. So on you go...bye, bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out, hit the road jack and don't come back, otherwise you'll have the desperate housewives after you and that is worse than the fleas of a thousand camels infesting your armpits. YUMMY!
(and sure, feel free to come visit my blog since I know you are DYING to!)

hollibilly said...

Wow, Megs! I can't believe how comment central has become so dramatic! Are you sure it isn't a disgruntled parent of one of your Kindy-gartners you gave a "below average score on skipping" to? I wouldn't worry about the crazy out there though. It sounds like you have a lot of people watching your back! Thanks for letting us come over today and dirty up your house. I will forever remember the lethal pumpkins. You better hide those before the twinners can get their juicy fingers on them!

Kirsten said...

Megan-You're incredible. Your banana bread is incredible. You making babies talent is incredible. And your blog is incredible...anyone who doesn't think so needs to get a life! ;-)

That being said gift ideas for Lincoln...a webkin (found at Hallmark), a bakugan (don't ask but they sell them at Toys R Us and Target) or a bionicle (a lego like creature found anywhere). All these things are hits over here in C-bus...the bak u gans are so much so that they are always sold out. They are all around $7-$13 dollar gifts. Good luck and hope it helps!!

P.S. It was so fun to see you!!!

Tigersue said...

Ah, I love you Megan! Hugs

Amanda D said...

I love brain "barf". So much to comment on. I am pro. prop 8, and feel the same as you - all the hate is really quite sad.

Banana bread sounds so good, my 3 year old also can't get enough Elmo, and I hate to dust. I never dust. Ever. Unless my mom is coming. Then I dust.

Good luck with the gift ideas, and I hope the progressive dinner was great!

K said...

I love banana bread - it is so home to me. And now my home, my mama, is far out of my reach. Your very mention of making it was balm to my soul.

I agree with Cam and Jennifer that you need to filter. Your mother, like Sixty percent of my own stinking list, are bums and ought not to be catered to in respect to comments. Make them work, darn it, if they ever decide to get off their non-verbal duffs and leave you some love! (Can you tell that I'm bitter?)

Chaz would know what to get Lincoln. She knows everything about Star Anything.

I care very much what people think of me, too - though I've had to learn to function in spite of it. Let me tell you what I think of you, someone I've known since - ummm - birth: you are sweet, smart, compassionate, kind - beyond the kindness of most people - and very, very real. I have been honored and delighted to have known you over all these years. Shoot. I forgot funny. How could I forget funny?

There will always be exhibitionists. They don't show you their faces, you know - and that's why you need to filter. The person who has left comments here - more than once? Who can tell - the catch-all name allows for a whole lot of alternate personalities - I don't understand. Why do you go to a blog that is obviously written to a family and friends audience and begin to contend in an uncivilized and uncivil manner? It's a little sick, actually.

So I say - erase the above post. Don't feel guilty about it. Don't let your compassion and tolerance go so far as to feel guilty about pulling out a week, Megs. We all give you permission. And you know that I'm a raging republican. You and I did not back the same horses, and did not wake up the day after the election with the same feelings.

But how wonderful. How wonderful that we live in a country where there are so many checks and balances to our own opinions and arrogance - that we have beloved friends who feel differently gives us so many chances to find truth in the middle, and to serve one another and save one another.

I feel just as you do about prop 8. If there is are LDS people who who do not feel compassion - not for the mouthy and abusive, though they need pity - but for the very real people who are in an impossible position - then we have not yet learned the truth of the gospel, that the Lord weeps for the children who are in pain, that all people are his children, and all pain our pain.

We must follow the brethren. I just wish I understood what the Lord knows. It's hard.

You have been called a liberal - be glad. To be truly liberal means that you are generous, that you don't take offense easily because among the other things you willing to give, you also give the benefit of a doubt. I am conservative because I am traditional and I count things. I guess. But you and I come from the same stock - and heart and faith are at the center of our choices.

I want to hear Maggie say pumpkin.


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