Thursday, October 30, 2008

Which Witch is Which?

This summer brought us some good things, like two new boys and my mom's remodeled house. So, since things have calmed down somewhat, we've gotten rid of the oxygen tanks, and the construction has ceased, we decided to have a party to celebrate. Because of the season we decided to combine the event with another party idea we'd been itchin' to try: A witch's Tea.

Beth made that gorgeous Halloween Cake, Mom decorated the awesome table and made all sorts of appetizers that were to die for. We served herbal tea and hot cocoa. I made my cupcakes, but tried a new frosting recipe and was terribly disappointed. 

Among our guests:

The lovely Linnea and Hannah (who is all grown up!  She was my favorite little muffin to babysit back in the day) 

The Davis Girls: Cyd (who shared a classroom with my mom for 20+ years) and daughters Kenzie and Ari who were dear childhood (and now blogging) friends. [This is a reminder Ari, it's been 3 months, you can update your blog now. ha ha]

My darling niece Colette

Dearest Diana wearing daughter Denae's fine piece of haberdashery. We missed you, Nae.

My sweet mother in law Vicki, Sister in law Jill, and nieces Vera and Colette made the trek down from Bountiful.

Of course, no party is complete without Pam

Beth "the witch doctor" sure impressed with her hat.

I should get me some of that kid repellant.

Tia's cute paper hat wouldn't fit, so she took off the brim and became the Dunce Witch. So we sat her on a stool in the corner. 

Me and Cole.

I made my hat using Christmas Flowers on sale at JoAnn's. Nice bling, eh?
Dad's little sister, who is coincidentally my aunt, Marie looked absolutely dashing in her hat.
Mom's neighbors Betty and Laura (who we all affectionately refer to as Auntie Wad).

And somehow I ended up with no pictures of my mother, or the Woodgers, or the Randle Ladies, or Vhar. But let me tell you they all looked AWESOME. I think we'll have to do it again next year (except for the having twins part).


The Tuck Family said...

It was so much fun to see you and your boys ( iwas selfish and held both for awhile)! I thought your cupcakes were awesome. I'm just sad we couldn't stay longer and enjoy everything longer...your Mom's house is so cute.

Rachel said...

Heck ya you better do this again. I'm counting on it cuz it was the only thing that made it bearable missing it this year......knowing I'll be able to come next year.

Denae said...

I was so very very sad to have missed it.

And I too vote that there is another next year.

EmmaP said...

ok - i seriously love this idea! i am definitely gonna have to host one of these myselves one day!!!

Byde and Mel said... families are so cute!

Jennifer said...

What a FUN party!!! I love it! :) Excellent job on the cake, Beth. And, yeah, the poinsettias add a certain je ne sais quoi.

Amanda D said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love the witch hat idea. Perfect!

K said...

Huh-uh!! No pictures of us or of that great hat of your mom's???? And we were so CUTE!! And so danged late!!! And we ate so much!!! And I'm using up all the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! The food was glorious, the babies were adorable, the room made me envious (and I want the fridge SOOO bad), and yo mama was charming. You, of course, are always amazing.

YOu loved Chaz' striped sox - shoot, you shoulda seen what Rachel would have worn, had she been alive at the time. She's the best which EVER.

Tia said...

Mmmm...that bacon cheese dip was amazing!


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