Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're Voting Early Today

Whether you're voting McCain or Obama--I'd just like to say thanks for voting. And remember, we're all on the same team. Now let's get to the polls.


Jennifer said...

I'm voting today, too. My state has gone to all mail-in ballots, which I *love*. I agree--everybody vote!! And while the presidential race is the big news, please pay as much (or more) attention to the people we send to Congress and the Senate. They make big decisions, too.

MOMster said...

I'll be voting soon too! This one's very important, and though I don't think either party is good to lead the country (hmmm, a write-in perhaps?) I still think having an opinion and putting it to the polls is a great idea!

Rachel said...

Especially if you are voting for McCain. Hee!

K said...

How the heck did you vote early? I drove by the school but there were no signs up. Shoot. I love that about a UNITED states. I really hate politics, and never hardly believe ANYBODY. It's like, if you're running, that alone tells me you aren't the guy I want.

Oh, well. But I will vote. Thank you for the reminder. And you - remember to set your clock back tonight.


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