Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diaper Drama

Maggie has a thing for fishes. She's not as obsessed with them as she is with shoes... yet. But she's well on her way. 

I think the obsession began with a large bag of Swedish Fish my parents left here when we were moving in. Maggie would drag me to the pantry, point at the door, and whine, "ISHY! ISHY!"

"You want a fishy?"


So, that's how it began, this obsession. But tonight I was amazed at the dramatic turn the fish obsession took. The boys had finished up with a package of Huggies diapers, so I went into their closet which is more of a diaper arsenal, thanks to the kindness of a lot of people who have donated to our needs, and fetched a new package. These Kroger brand diapers were decorated with some adorable ocean animals (ishies, if you will). I didn't think anything of it, just being relieved that they were not psycho Sesame Street Pampers.

We gave the boys a bath after they had bathed themselves in spit up (man, I love reflux!).  Maggie hopped in the tub too for a minute, but then biffed it when she climbed out. I do not like the tile we have in our bathroom its like a slip-n-slide--but back to the story. She fell apart and was screaming. The boys were screaming. It was so insane all Dan and I could do was look at each other and laugh. We got the boys lotioned, diapered, dressed, and swaddled, then we turned to figuring our what Mag's deal was.  

Normally wrestling her into a diaper is no easy feat, but for some reason when I said, "Let's get you a diaper Maggie." She said, "YEAH!"

I got out one of her size 3's and she launched into another fit. She brought me one of the boys' size 1 diapers. I said, "Maggie...that's for babies."

She said, "Ishies."

So I wedged her little tush into the size 1 ishy diaper like any loving mother would do.

Wouldn't you?


Denae said...

haha! that is awesome, Laira had a thing for nemo at her age. Everything was Nemo.

Alida Bowles said...

LOL! Yes I would...and I have! Anything to keep the peace right?! Just pick your battles.
I have 5 kids but I seriously can't imagine 2 infants at the same time...atleast I've had a break to get used to them! You really are doing a great job Megs!! :)

The Ring of Scribes said...

Fishy diapers? Sounds neat. We need to make a change. Winnie now refuses to wear any diapers that don't have Mickey and Pluto on them.

EmmaP said...

awww...cute story. a little wishy for a fihy... hmmm....see a theme for her upcoming bday???

Beth said...

what a smart mom you are, Meg! (by the way, I'm sorry I don't always comment. I mean to, but I just don't get to it) I would have totally let Clara cry and whine and pitch a fit instead of just letting her wear the tiny diaper. Yours is advice I can take to the bank. Thanks.

Holdinator said...

Absolutely. Squeeze that toosh in an ishy diaper and revel in the quiet.

the fellers said...

haha....please tell me you took a pic of her tush wedged into a size 1...I really want to see that!

Camille said...

Now I reveal myself as a truly cruel mother... of course I wouldn't have! But, now I would because someone else did first and they are a better person for it. Seriously, can't you and Dan move up to Logan??? Please!

K said...

Yes, darn it.


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