Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pampers Pet Peeve

I enjoy Pampers diapers with their super absorbant core and leakguard protection. I like how with every purchase they donate vaccines to 3rd world countries. But I must get something off my chest. I find their little Sesame Street designs extremely irritating. Here's why:

Now I love Sesame Street as much as any PBS watching child-from-the-80's out there (I can even tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street. Oh yes I can.) The show taught me letters, numbers, life skills, and select words in Spanish (like ocho, cuatro, and olĂ©, for example). And Pampers captured the memories and immortalized them by making diapers with little pictures of baby Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Zoe, and Cookie Monster. 

The problem is this: the picture of Ernie is surrounded by rubber duckies. Cute. The picture of Big bird is surrounded by his favorite little teddy bear. Darling, But the pictures of Bert, Elmo, and Cookie Monster are surrounded by stars. Stars? Why? Where are the bottle caps (or pigeons, if you will), Goldfish (named Dorothy), and Cookies, respectively? And Zoe's picture is accompanied by moons. Say what? It's an outrage I tell you. How can you favor some characters with their favorite things and leave others out of the loop? What makes Big Bird so great and Bert so belittled? And why didn't Zoe at least get stars like the rest of her peeps? If I were her I'd be livid.

Okay, maybe it's just that I change 2,143 diapers a day and I've had a lot of time to ponder on the message Pampers is trying to send, but I just don't like it. Equality and justice for all, I say. Even for decorations on diapers.
Now who's with me?


Cuddlydoll said...

I just want you to know that your blog is one of my faves to read. Thanks for updating it so much. I know you have all the time in the world for it:)


Becca said...

Megs, I totally love you!! Your blog is one of my favorite blogs to read too!!! You always make me smile!! I think we should definatly complain to Pampers and see some justice get done!!;) Love you!

Evenson Fam said...

You are hilarious. I am a Huggies girl myself. Although, I would probably prefer to see Sesame Street characters than a very annoying baby Mickey.

Ginna said...

I always had to use Luvs for some reason with Max, and I hated them because they always had Barney on them. Yuck. So I yearned for some good old sesame street friends.
But I'm with you--how unequal is that kind of treatment? I mean, not even Elmo gets the special treatment? What kind of world are we living in here?

the fellers said...

can I just say that I love your blog, you make me smile all the time, thanks...also, I have question for you. Could you email me your mailing address at ? Andrea Janke and I are throwing a baby bow/little girl jewelry party, and we would love to invite you! But I need to send an invite, and I dont have the if you could, that would be fantabulous!

Holdinator said...

We've always used Pampers too (the Swaddlers/Cruisers versions). But to be honest, I've never, in my four and a half years of changing at least three pampers diapers a day, noticed this ill-treatment of our beloved Sesame Street characters.

How terrible!


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