Friday, August 1, 2008


Sometime around 2:43 am Thursday morning I came to the conclusion that there must be a better way. I had tried every pillow arrangement I could conjure with my boppy and 4 bed pillows to come up with a comfortable way to nurse two newborns at once. Either I suck at it or they do, cause it just ain't working.

So yesterday, I did a little web search and came up with some new ideas and a new product: the EZ-2-Nurse pillow. In an effort to find out more about the pillow and it's promised life-saving properties, I clicked on this link. Oh my gosh. Who knew that so many women were willing to snap pictures of themselves in such a way and share them publicly? It gave Dan and I a good belly-laugh anyway. And it sold me on the pillow.

And no, if the pillow is a hit with me and the twins I still don't plan on sending in my own photo. Sorry to disappoint. But if I did send one, I'd want it to be this good:


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! That poor mamma. Look at the look on her face! Oh I am cracking up but oh that poor mamma. Look at the look on her face! It says....."was that what I thought it was that just came bursting forth out of my mouth???? Did I just MOOOOO?"

I swear I have a photo just like this facial expression. Only one bovine hooked up to the machine though...not two.

Ginna said...

Wow. the pillow looks fabulous and perfect, but the photos are so scary! and that one you posted here? Seriously why would you ever send in a picture like that that of yourself!?!

Hillary said...

This is why we are friends, honestly laughing so hard, this is also a good illustration of why I don't have children. Seriously who can give a double thumbs up, while nursing gigantic two year old twins, not this girl...ever. If this turns out to be you I will have a trophy made for you. I am crying from laughing so hard, thank you!

Beth said...

The pictures were awesome, although I don't think I need to see one of you like this.
But I think you need this pillow, Meg. It makes me want to try nursing two babies at once.
Is that a gross thing to admit?

Jenny Groberg said...

NO she didn't!

the fellers said...

haha, that was my favorite picture too! i love it....hahaha!

K said...

Motherhood - the glorious obsession.

Dignity, always dignity.


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