Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Piece of Cake?

So yesterday morning I honestly was going to blog about how being a mother of twins is not as hard as everybody thinks it would be. I was going to say that I was feeling good and that I was doing awesome and that things were a million times better than I thought they might be.

Then, oh around noon, things fell apart. Maggie wouldn't eat lunch (even though it was pasta which is the one food she could eat until her stomach exploded. she loves the stuff). Maggie wouldn't nap. The boys wouldn't eat for more than 2 minutes at a time. And they wouldn't nap. They were fussing and snorting. Maggie's nose was running and she was coughing. And I was trying to keep Maggie and her cold away from the boys I was nursing which was difficult because Maggie was climbing all over me in an effort to push me off my own bed. Mayhem would be a good word to describe the scene.

After 2 hours of these shenanigans I finally got Maggie down for a nap, pounded the burps out of the boys and got them settled down, called my mother and dan in tears, and then fell asleep for an hour in a pile of exhaustion. After Maggie's nap the hysteria resumed until Dan helped me transport the boys and their 800 pounds of equipment to the living room, chased Maggie around the house to expend her pent up energy, and cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the house for me. Dan makes everything better.

Don't worry about me--I'm feeling better today. I just wanted to warn you that if you ever feel like blogging about how easy your life is...you probably shouldn't. 'Cause then the bottom will drop out.


Beth said...

I feel the same way! I swear it has to do with being worn out and with a new baby(ies). I used to try to take things one day at a time.
Not anymore.
Sometimes, I have to take it one minute at a time, or 10 seconds at a time. Deep breaths. It really doesn't matter if the dishes NEVER get done.
Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning one teaspoonful at a time. I keep telling myself eventually I'll get to the pile of ironing, that the back hallway floor will eventually get wiped and that the baby's diaper will get changed at least by the time Joel gets home. I have all day.
And then I don't. I'll be totally worn out and feeling all the more guilty that I didn't get anything done. And as the days go by I'll just get further and further behind.
But, who cares. You have to take care of priority #1: kids before you can move to priority #2. And if all you get to in the day is priority #1, at least you have your priorities straight.

Rachel said...

Oh Jeeper's Creeper's. I don't even know what to tell ya! Been there myself and I still don't have any advice to give you. Tell your mum you want her to move in NOW and let her take over the household stuffs and Maggie whilst you lactate.

EmmaP said...

Ah, grasshopper, you're learning fast.

Don't worry...one day it will get easier. When? I think it's when you have grandkids - or at least that is what I hear! Thanks for making me laugh! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginna said...

It really does seem like whenever I think things are under control, that's when they really fall apart!
I can't believe how amazing you are. And what a fabulous Dan you have.
I wish I could bring Max over to wear Mags out. He's good at that. Maybe sometime soon!

Tiffany said...

I really enjoyed our visit today and your boys were perfect angels! I miss you Megs, I wish I lived closer and we could hang out all the time!

Kirsten said...

Isn't it funny how quickly we get humbled? A couple of times I'll admit it: I go to back myself on the back, especially on Sundays for instance. I tell myself, even though Ammon is at the hospital I did it darn it!! I got four kids to church, and early to boot, they look dolled up, the dinner is in the crockpot for when we got home...not bad Kirsten...not bad at all...and that is when it happens!!! Chaos ensues and my happy little world is shattered two seconds later...Hailey needs to go the bathroom a million times during sacrament meeting, Karli tries to find fruit snacks to no avail and throws herself down in anger and wails during the prayer, Ethan and Brynlee start a giggling war on who is going to win-the plastic figure Ammon or Lemuel... Anyway, before I go on and on because heck with twins you probably don't even have time to read this!! just know that I can sympathize with you 100%. Just never tell yourself that you are doing great, handling it well or amazing, because I think Heavenly Father really does have a sense of humor up there and it doesn't last long!! ;-) Long story short...you are doing great!! ;-) Luv ya!

The Tuck Family said...

You seriously amaze me....I thought there would be a posting hiatus, but look at you go Mags, twins, house and all, what don't you do? You never cease to keep me humbled about my easy going life that I seem to complain about way too much! Keep up the good work and I'm sure things will only get better...even if it does take until your 40.

K said...

I barely made it when I had one baby and two toddlers. Comes with the territory. You'll survive it, and sometimes, you'll be gloriously happy. But baby, you are blessed, and you can complain all you want, because you deserve the love and sympathy. We all believe you and appreciate the exhaustion. And I always ended the day feeling so deeply guilty because I'd not been happy and wonderful and gracious all day long.

There are people who have the genetics for that, but I haven't known many.

K said...

One last thing. If you have a moment, read Misty's blog entry from a week ago:


I think it will mean a lot to you.


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