Monday, June 2, 2008

New House

I am one of those people I hate. Apparently, I'm the kind of person that moves into a new house and then doesn't post pictures of it. But the reason is that I'm just too fat and tired to unpack and clean up our mess. My goal is to have most of our boxes unpacked by Friday. Now if I could just remember where I've put the stuff I already have unpacked...we'd be in business.


Beth said...

Don't feel bad. It SHOULD take you a couple of weeks to get everything unpacked...and then another 3-5 years to get it organized the way you want it.
I'm not judgin' but I am sad I didn't take more of them brownies with me when we left your 'crib' last night.

EmmaP said... have a husband, right??? he has hands that work, right??? make him post those pics for all to see. JK. we all know that Dan is the Man in the husband dept. and helps out alot. take your time with the pics & with the long as you keep us laughing with your blog!

Becca said...

Megs, I can't wait to see pictures, I won't lie, but I want you to know that I think your are doing amazing!! I hope you are taking the much needed time to put your feet up and relax a bit too, the boxes can wait ;)!! Love you!!


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