Sunday, June 29, 2008


Dan's mother Vicki and brother Ryan were in the West Bountiful (yes, that is a city) parade on Saturday so we went to support. Its a small parade with only about 40 entries but its a big deal because the whole time people are throwing candy at you. Most of it is cheap taffy but, hey, it's free. We sat in full sun squinting at the floats when I noticed a girl walking along the side handing out flyers. I noticed this girl because she seemed methodical about selecting who to give the flyers to. It was only 1 per crowd. Not knowing if it was a coupon or a Miley Cyrus Stadium of Fire ticket she was handing out, I was curious. She approached my sister in law Chelsea and seemed hesitant to give it to her. But then she looked in my direction, sized me up, and thrust her flyer into my hands.

"Thanks," I said, thinking I'd won some great prize. But when I looked at the paper I was dismayed.

"Get Skinny!" it declared. Apparently Heather Hansen, a Biggest Loser contestant from West Bountiful 2 years ago was going to be teaching a class and sharing her secrets on how to lose major pounds. And I had been hand selected from the crowd to go learn how to change my life. Gee thanks. As if feeling like a beached whale on my folding chair with the sun beating down on my corpulence wasn't enough.

Later that day, as we were making our way back to Lehi we stopped at Maverick in North Salt Lake for gas. I ran in to get a drink for Dan. The cashier looked at me and said, "So, is it a boy or a girl?"

"It's actually twin boys," I said with a smile.

"I was gonna say," said the cashier, "'cause there's like a head or something stickin' out and your belly's all distorted..."

"Yeah," I said, "Have a nice day."

Needless to say I don't feel like going out much anymore.


andrew's mom said...

Megan, I just have to tell you how much I love reading your blog. You make me laugh out loud every time. I'm sorry to be such a cyber-stalker, but at least we are acquainted, right? Anyway, you and a few other friends have inspired me to start my own blog and it is so much fun. You are not fat-just pregnant-cut yourself a little slack and enjoy the excuse-some of us don't have one! lol Keep up the funny! Wish I would've gotten to know you better before you moved away-you are hilarious! Thanks, Nicole Marchant

Tia said...

I hate to enjoy a laugh at your most obvious discomfort - but that was hilarious! I think you should have said to the cashier, "and what are you having - a boy or a girl?" Then watch her squirm as she tries to tell you that she's not pregnant! HA!

Rachel said...

Ooooh, I like Tia's comment! If ever I were to get prego again WHICH I AM NOT....wish I'd have had that one in my back pocket when people would make stupid comments. If it makes you feel anybetter I have had SEVERAL of those from well meaning neighbors who were selling weight loss stuffs. Talk about having to use self control and not stuff their "stuff" down their throats.

Don't you worry bout a thing. You are beautiful. Always have been and will continue to be so even more as time goes on because (preachy moment) you are an elect woman who by choosing to have children instead of living the "earthly dream" will have eternal happiness that others will envy. My dad told me once, beautiful bodies, fast cars, money......they do not last and they do not keep you company or make you happy in your old age. Having children and being surrounded by family....that is what it is all about and someday those who choose these other things are going to wake up and feel very retched and lonely and look back on their life with dissatisfaction so Megs, bloom away girl. You're gorgeous and I love ya!

hollibilly said...

Wow. I think I would have given them the "double deuce" or the "one-fingered wave". I am pretty sensitive about stuff like that. I think people need to learn how to shut their FAT mouths! You look GREAT by the way. Don't listen to ANYONE! Besides, you will have 2 cute little babies in a couple weeks!

Angie Lewis said...

I agree with all your other commentators. I can't believe the nerve of people - as if you don't already know you're HUGE when you're pregnant (not you in specific, but pregnant women in general)..."Gee, I hadn't notice my enormous belly that gets in the way of everything..." There are a lot of people in the world who don't have a filter between their minds and their mouths!

The Tuck Family said...

Megan I think you look amazing....I know what you're thinking, and I'm serious!!! I hope my mother-of-twin friends don't read this comment but I have seen many a twin belly in the past three years and yours definitely wins the best looking award. You still fit into the "cute" pregnant category and you're almost done! So please don't let the ignorant comments and suggestions from people SO NOT IN THE KNOW bug you.

Oh, by the way I got Lo's hat at a boutique in the Riverwoods called "Trendy Tots". Such a cute store and what a bank buster!!!!

Ginna said...

I seriously can't believe what jerks people are sometimes. I mean, where do they get off saying stuff like that? And I hope NOBODY goes to that weight loss thing. What a way to market.
I agree with the above comment, I think you are one of the much better looking twin mommies I've seen. You're just cute, that's all I can say!

The Tuck Family said...

I forgot to tell you....with Ashlen I gained just shy of 50 lbs. and I only had ONE baby in my belly. Plus you have made it past 32 weeks which most twin bearers don't! You seriously are ROCKIN' this twin thing!

Mel and Byde said...

You look time just tell people to shut their pie hole...or cry...that will get them:) You're almost there, hang in and don't sweat stupid people!

the fellers said...

wow! First off, I think you look fantastic! you are having twins...I wish I looked good when I was having just one! Dang will be back to your "normal" size in no time, I know it, cause you are doing good as it is! And why do people have to be so inconsiderate...they are so brave to go and say something like that, and to single someone out? You should have said, "YES! I am pregnant thank you, what is your excuse?? " Ok, that would have been mean, but maybe a tiny bit funny? haha

K said...

Jerk or not, Chaz and I are laughing our heads off. Wherever you are, my girl, hearts lift!


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