Friday, May 2, 2008

True Confession

I don't watch American Idol but I do very much enjoy keeping up on my celebrity gossip. Often in my quest to find out who's dating who and who just bought a $3,000 stroller for their million dollar baby from Africa, I'm exposed to a lot of the A.I. goings on.

And this week I found out that I missed out. The contestants sang Neil Diamond tunes. Now I don't know if anybody sang Cracklin' Rosie or Forever in Blue Jeans (two of my favorites) but I did hear that David Archuleta rocked out on my all-time favorite Neil tune: America. Oh God bless the boy from Murray. I can't believe I missed it.

Now why is this a confession? Because my mother taught me not to listen to stuff like Mr. Diamond. She said that Barry Manilow is "Barely Man-enough" and when I bought my first Neil Diamond CD she laughed like she thought I was kidding. Mom raised me to listen to the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and most importantly the Doors. When they called her as Relief Society President years back she said "Now, do you know I have a crush on Jim Morrison and I just bought a ZZ Top album?" Sadly it didn't get her out of the calling. Too bad she didn't smoke weed while listening to Jim Morrison. That probably would have done it.

Anyway, I do know what "real music" is. But I can't help lovin' me some Love on the Rocks every once in a while. Sorry, Mom.


Angie Lewis said...

Oh dear, offense, but as an AI fan, this was actually my least favorite week and I found it dreadfully boring because it was Neil Diamond...though my heart leapt at the singing of "America" as well...that is the one Neil song I love...only because I can't listen to that song without a flood of memories of Westridge Patriotic Programs! (And Forever in Blue Jeans was sung by Jason Castro - the freak with dread locks...YUCK!) By the way, knowing your mom, I had to laugh at your description of her music likes...Hopefully we can still be friends even if I don't like Neil.

Denae said...

Megs I grew up with Neil. My Dad has one of his first albums that has some of his lesser known songs that are some of me and my siblings favorites. I will have to share it sometime. I do remember one time that I Karaoked "forever in blue jeans" and everyone looked at me like I had 6 arms or something. But I didn't care.


Mel and Byde said...

Megan, you're too funny!
My mother-in-law is a HUGE Neil Diamond fan. She was so excited when she got to go to one of his concerts a couple of years ago. Then called me that night to tell me that he had split his pants at the beginning of the show, and no one told him, or he didn't care because he did the rest of the show enjoying a nice little breeze:) I think your mom sounds like a riot, you are just like her i bet. Mel :)

Holdinator said...

"There are two types of people in the world: Those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't."

-Bill Murray, from What About Bob

emily said...

Shut right up! Megan!!! How did you find me!? I kid you not, like a week ago I found the card you wrote me after my 222 experience and I wondered where you were and wished we'd kept in contact. What a small world. Now we can be blog friends!

K said...

I am just sick to know this about you. And I didn't know your mother had a crush on Jim Morrison, either - ewwwww. harry Nilsson, maybe. Credence Clearwater maybe. Paul Revere and the Raiders, maybe. THE BYRDS. James Taylor. Wait. I didn't have crushes on any of those people. Manfred Mann. Crosby Stills and Nash (not Young).

I mean, really.

Tiffany said...

I grew up listening to good 'ol Neil--my mom loves him! We watched AI on YouTube this past week when she was visiting. She was so sad she missed the episode!


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