Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Official: Dan's Smart

Dan's gone and done it. He graduated. He got to wear the funny Master's hood, walk to pomp and circumstances, and the whole she-bang. And boy are we proud. Now it would be even better if he were done with his thesis... but being done with the course work and getting paid more is definitely good enough for now. Congratulations Daniel. You done us proud!

Here's the happy graduate with his darling family. The night before graduation Dan informed me that Maggie and I would be required to wear red. The red D.I. earings from Vegas were all I could find in my maternity wardrobe. But Mags looked dashing in her skirt. I told Dan that I didn't think he wore blue to my graduation and he just said "Well, you didn't require it." Lame.

Dan with his proud parents.

Me and Beth make pregnancy look good--I tell you what! And you should have seen us AFTER we ate our fill at the Chinese buffet.


hollibilly said...

Tell Dan Congrats! So I take it Dan hasn't converted you over yet?!

Tiffany said...

Congrats DAN!! That's awesome! I didn't know Beth was pregnant too! That's great that you'll have little cousins so close in age! You look HOT Megs! I dig the pregnant look! :D

Angie Lewis said...

Lookin' good! And congrats to Dan, though I agree with you...he definitely should have worn blue for you! :)

Emily said...

Bravo! That is great! A master's! Dan you are so dang smart and Megs you are so RED HOT!

Mel and Byde said...

Way to go! Congrats Dan...Megan red is the color, come over from the "other" side. Mel:)

Beth said...

Where's the picture of both of us doin' the Spanish Fork come-hither stance? Did it turn out too nasty?
I miss them cream cheese wontons already.

K said...

And why, I wonder, does the world not honor women who look like MOTHERS TO BE?? I mean, if piled up hair indicated righteousness in some circles, and flat, deflated, pitifully useless looking stomachs in others indicate tremendous status - then why do pregnant silhouettes not cause people to fall to their knees with wonder and respect???

Cap and mortar have their place - and evidently indicate the right to make people wear the colors of the enemy - if I were you, I'd use your situation to require him to wear blue for at least one solid week.


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