Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's a lot on my Plate

Here are the latest goings on:
  • We own a house, and thus a ridiculous amount of debt.
  • We poured over paint chips and picked up at least 30 at Lowe's on Wednesday night. Right now the favorite color is Martha Stewart's "Antique Map"--very cheery and a little robin egg-ish. Dan's thinking more neutral. We'll see which direction we go when we paint this weekend. [anyone who loves painting... let me know. You're invited.]
  • Kindergarten graduation is next Thursday and wouldn't you know I've been sending out invitations for my class with the wrong time on them? Some teachers are so dumb! Now I need to send home updated invitations, help my kids learn the program, buy the refreshments, put together the slideshow for the program, and sync it to music. Oh and somewhere before the end of the year I need to assess my kids and put together their report cards. Oh boy. Anybody else need caffeine? At least our zoo field trip is over.
  • I begged my co-workers to not make me move out of the classroom until June. Right now I'm too overwhelmed with moving out of my house by May 30th. They were kind enough to oblige. Marlynn said that will just give her more time to hide my stuff that she wants. Funny, but I think she was serious when she said that.
  • Maggie says two words with consistency: "no" and "more." I pointed out to her that those words are really working for her and she really ought to learn a couple extras. Anytime she says "more" I try to be extra quick to act on it so that she knows words are much more convenient and better understood than grunts and screams. She continues to make any object into a phone and will laugh and jabber for hours using a domino, matchbox car, or even a dime as a cell.
  • We've been having ultrasounds of our boys every two weeks. So far everything is going swimmingly--especially for them because their fluid levels look good indicating that they're sharing the placenta nicely and not pulling any crazy shenanigans like hogging all the nutrients. Good boys.
  • Dan was released as Deacon's Advisor. And I kind of released myself as Activity Days Leader. Not on purpose. I just realized that its the middle of May and I never arranged the activities this month. Try to understand girls. It's not you, its me! I stand by my firm conviction that Activity Days Leader is the best calling in the church. Seriously.
and last but not least,
  • Dan has created his own blog. He said it was because he didn't want to ruin mine. But I know its because he wants to make his blog better than mine. Well, he's won already. Check out my honey in his new digs.


Tiffany said...

I feel like I should cheer you on "Go Megs Go!" It seems like you always have a lot of things on your plate- but that's just because you're an amazing woman. Somehow--magically-- (or not so magically) it all gets done. Good luck with everything!! I'm glad your boys are doing good! I can't wait to meet them!!

Tiffany said...

ps I couldn't get the link to Dan's blog to work- ???

Angie Lewis said...

Good for all the teaching stress, that's the worst...won't it be nice to get a break afterwards?! If anyone can do it all though, it's're pretty much SUPERWOMAN
(minus the spandex outfit) :)

Ems said...

busy! and dan is totally in my google reader now. so much hinkley in my life!!


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