Thursday, May 15, 2008

Q: Who Looks Like This?

A: I do--ever since my nose decided to sprout a whole colony of pimples right on the end of it. Thanks Dad for the genetic predisposition--every couple of years he goes through a similar proboscis zit colonization. Can I move into the neighborhood of make believe until it goes away?


Holdinator said...

Who created that puppet? And then who approved it to be used on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood? And then who decided that it was ok that his/her(?) mouth didn't move when it spoke?

One of the creepiest memories from childhood right there.

Emily said...

I love that comment above!Ha Ha! I am sure you look fine, but I have the same thing with my chin...except it's not seasonal it chronic!!! At least most the time your skin is absolutely perfect!

K said...

I agree. So much. Most horrible thing I ever saw, and I had to watch it with the kids, trying to keep my mouth shut because they weren't all that disturbed. Oy.

You could NEVER look anywhere near this. Holy cats. Could that puppet have had a drinking problem? What was the man thinking? And thank you so very much for making me feel even sicker today!!

Beth said...

You're the prettiest mother!

The Tuck Family said...

I'm sure Mr. Rogers could sing you a song and make all your bad feelings disappear. I wish there was a song to make zits do the same....but at least Megs you have absolutly flawless skin the rest of the 360 days out of the year.

Jealous am I.


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