Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shameless Plug

On Saturday May 10th from 8-noon we will be holding the Blow-out-Yard-Sale-Extravaganza of the Year. It is a benefit for the "Save the Twins" fund (also known as the "Help Megan and Dan Clothe, Diaper, Feed, and Stroll Their Children" fund).

Gather your nickels and dimes and, yes, even your quarters and come on over. You just might find a treasure. And if you don't find a treasure, you just might find some junk you want. And if you don't find some junk you want, maybe you can just make fun of us. See you Saturday.


Mel and Byde said...

Sounds like a party!

Megan Di said...

Are you selling any sweet books? You know how I love them. I might bring over a few things for ya'll to sell, if that's okay. You can keep the proceedes. It will be my contribution to the stroller fund.

K said...

You could make Dan make some faery doors and sell them for ridiculously high prices. Hmm?? I hope you make a million bucks, but I'm not coming. Too tired after the last three weeks.

still, I love you. And will make a contribution in person next time you come down here and stick your hand out.


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