Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday morning Dan's sweet Grandpa Lambert passed away. We will miss him. I've been thinking a lot about the nicest thing he told me when I was pregnant with Maggie.

"Megan, you're glowing," he said. "I just love how expectant mothers look. They always glow."

Thanks Grandpa for making me feel good about my pregnant self then. Amidst the "wow... you look like you're going to pop" and "you look exhausted" comments it was nice to hear something so sweet about how I looked. I hope I'm glowing now, too. We love you, Grandpa.


Mel and Byde said...

He sounds awfully sweet. Tell Dan we are sorry for his loss.

Chelsea Ann said...

Do you have any pictures of Grandpa -- anything with him in it? If so, can you email me a



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