Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mr. Budget

My sweet husband, Dan, is a budgeter. And after we found out that our house offer was accepted we sat down for the 276,843rd time to go over our budget. We'll be on econo-mode for the next month and a half to save up a bigger down payment and then we'll be on little different econo-mode for the rest of our lives.

So, last night while we satisfied my intense craving for chow mein, Dan received the following fortune that cracked me up:

"Adjust finances--make budgets to improve your financial standing."

If its written in the stars, maybe we'll be able to live this way after all!


Emily said...

Welcome to my world - Poorness! :O) I try to think of it as a fun challenge, how much can we go without this month?!?! Its a blast! :O) LOL You'll get used to never eating out, and not buying some of the little luxuries you are used to. And then when you do buy those things it feels like you are going crazy and living it up. We went out to IN N Out for the first time since we moved here just last week to celebrate our spring break and that honestly was our big event. And we had fun. We went to the park and played with the kids, did the free stuff to jazz it up. We're happy even if In N Out is high end for us. :O)Just know you are not the only one counting pennies! :O)Sometimes it seems like everyone else is rolling in money, I promise they aren't. Oh, and you can be happy that you don't have med school debt too! See you guys are so blessed -it just might not feel like it sometimes! :O)Lave ya!

The Tuck Family said...

I wish my husband was a budgeter! If he has cash in his pocket no matter how much it is it will be gone that day. To his credit though he usually finds someone in need or some way to help someone else out with it, but it is always gone by the time he gets home. That's why I handle the $. Cute house Megs!

The Tuck Family said...

TWINS....still not over the sticker shock!!!! I don't know how you are coping.......

K said...

I am always confident about fortunes. Chinese ones. Did I tell you that I am year of the dragon? Can I tell you that for our first ten years, our dates were walking around the mall? Not buying anything - just looking at stuff. There were books I'd look at every time we went to DB, wonderful paperback novels that I would pick up and put down for months.

There did come a time when I was able to buy one or two, just on a whim. That time comes and goes. but the fun of econo-living is feeling like you're in control of your fate. And most of things I have ever bought (oh, how I hope we never have to pack up the things in this house) I didn't need.

You are doing fine. And a house is an incredible blessing.


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