Thursday, April 3, 2008

Decorating a House

This is real. No more will I have to sit around an apartment and think about what color I would paint the walls if I had the option. Now I will sit around my own home and think about what color I will paint the walls. I have that option.

But now that in my near future I will have the chance to decorate and paint--I am left with two slight problems: 1) I have a teensy weensy budget, and 2) I have a lot of ideas but can't pin-piont exactly what I want to do.

When you move into a new place where do you begin? Do you have it all planned out? or does it evolve? Where do you look for ideas?


sunbean72 said...

I love the magazine "Real Simple." It has great decorating stuff at Target for not very much, and it's got FANTASTIC ideas for keeping it organized and clean. When we moved from our tiny condo to our home, I was amazed at how the clutter... spread out every where. Especially going from one kiddo to two! If you can, have one place for the toys. We have the their room, and the front room, and it seems like they get spread out all in between. If I were to start over, I would definitely incorporate organization and cleaning into my decorating! IKEA is a great place for not very expensive furniture and things, too. But Real Simple is where I like to get ideas :)

Emily said...

Observe! Observe everything! At every store visit the home decor area but don't worry about buying things, observe your new home and all its spaces, and search magazines while you wait in line at the checkout (no need to buy things)....and think about what you like about things and why. example: I like this look because it feels happy, this room because it feels comfy,...and then let inspiration come. It will and it will be fun to go through the process of it's evolution. And with a small budget that is smart too. Then it comes little by little small $ at a time. But like you need advice from me! That's just how I do it. :O)And it doesn't have to be perfect, leave perfect for when your kids aren't old enough to ruin it and you wont die over the price tags! Gosh, most of my living room is dressed up DI furniture!!!! :O)

Ginna said...

Ikea, freecylce and craig's list!
And like the smart people that commented before me said, look through magazines, see what you like. Also look at blogs and stuff. Look at, its fun.
And even Ikea's website has fun set ups and stuff to look at that are inspiring.
And did you know you can get cheap paint at the hardware store by buying the stuff they mix wrong for other people? It's a great way to cover a small space like a bathroom or an accent wall or something for really cheap.
So there you go!

Amanda said...

We moved into our house 7 months ago. The people that lived here before were crazy for color. Our family room is gray, our dining room is red, and the living room is yellow with brown and cream sponged on the top. Yes, sponged. We wont get started with the bedrooms. I had it all planned out that we were going to repaint just about every room, yet here we still sit... I have painted my boy's room but that is all. The living room really needs to be re-done. There is just no budget for it right now.

I agree with Ginna though, IKEA is the best. Good luck! My suggestion would be to start slow. You don't want to jump in to fast and then decide a few months from now that you don't like it.

Beth said...

My only advice is:paint BEFORE you move in. It's so hard to do it afterwards! And I'm so glad I stuck to only one color, because a different color in every room would overwhelm me, and I think a uniform color makes the house seem bigger.

maren said...

OK so my major was Interior Design, and I think that if you do not have the money to buy what you want right now then have a goal of what you want in the end and slowly work towards that goal. Find a style or look you like and know the general direction you are going then you have a less modge podge look. Color makes a huge difference as does lighting and furniture arrangement (things do not have to be up against a wall!), also only invest a lot of money in things you want to have for looooong periods if time Pottery Barn etc are great but at that price most of us will have it forever cheaper furniture allows change a little easier.
I hope this makes sense, have good luck and have fun! You can always repaint if you hate the color!

Mel & Byde... said...

I agree, paint before you move in! Paint makes a huge difference. Also, Downeast Home has GREAT stuff at cheap prices from the Pottery Barn, Sundance, Restoration Hardware etc. You do have to keep checking though because things are always changing. There's one in Layton, one in Draper, and I love the one on 123rd south. It will all come together. You have a great sense of style. Let it evolve. Congrats again on the house. When do you move? Mel:)

Anonymous said...


LeChem Fam said...

Megan... CONGRATS on the house. You will love the feeling of having your own space! Also congrats on the twins. My Mom, Kenzie, and I talk about how awesome it is that you are having twins - we've decided that if anyone can do it it's you for sure!

K said...

What did you mean, "this is real"? You own those wonderful things with all that color?

You know my house. It is a product of evolution. About now, I want to take down all the old wallpaper (if i could find somebody who just loved to do that) and do some painting and spiffing up. But really, I love this place, and it's just grown a thing here, a set of furniture there. We didn't own a couch for about ten years. Just had a loveseat. And it was about ten years before we had any furniture in the living room at all outside of the ancient baby-grand I'd bought with my teaching retirement money and the wing-back chair I inherited from my grandmother.

It took us decades to get a real bed (Grand Central, unfinished before that) and my dining room table for about twenty years was one I'd bought in grad school, before I was married.

Breathe, girl. You've got decades to go. The children won't care if you have furniture. That's all you, trying to make your familly "real" by having what your parents have now.


Ginna said...

hey megs, I found some great stuff on yesterday about decorating on a budget. You should check it out when you have some time to browse!!
I'm getting excited to figure out how I want our new place to look--once I actually see it!


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