Monday, April 28, 2008

A Kid's Gotta Eat

I am so in love with this kid of mine. And her eating habits really crack me up. Lately she's been a huge fan of apples and baby carrots. Dan lets her eat raw hotdogs (I can't look). And if I'm eating pasta I always end up with her taking over my bowl. But here are some pictures of just how cute she is when food is involved:
The other day Maggie was throwing a fit about wanting to go outside. She loves being outdoors. Problem: it was pouring at the time. Finally I couldn't stand the screaming anymore so I put her in the car and we pulled out. Where we were going I had no idea. We ended up at the Hostess store--a dangerous place for me considering my current condition. Luckily we got out with only buying rasberry filled donuts. And man were they good. The rain stopped and I just had to kiss Maggie's adorable powder covered face.

Maggie has long been a fan of Cheerio's snack mix. I only let her eat the cheese flavored mix though because the original makes her breath smell so bad I can't stand it. But my funny girl decided that she only likes the triangle shaped cheese crackers so she kept dumping out the mix so she could pick those out.


Ginna said...

she is SO cute! I love her!!

tasha said...

Oh Maggie, I truly love you. Remember when we shared starburst jelly beans?

Mel and Byde said...

A girl's gotta have what she wants...and she knows what she wants. She is SO cute! Mel :)

K said...

Such a look on that kid's face. Dumping, huh? Suggests an interesting future.

Tiffany said...

A raspberry powered donut would be my pick too!


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