Monday, March 31, 2008

What's Happening?

I think I'm nesting. Already. When I was pregnant with Maggie I was pretty much in the same situation I'm in now: gearing up for a move and poor as mud. So I kind of took a relaxed approach to preparing to be a mother. We had a stroller because we happened to find a cool floor model that was on sale at Sears for 20 bucks. But that was about all we had until a month before Maggie entered the world and then I freaked out and began nesting: taking inventory of all the onesies, ordering a crib, flipping out that our bouncer had no batteries, and buying a top of the line breast pump. I was making lists of what we had, what we needed, and even what we decided we didn't need.
Now, I'm still poor. I'm getting ready to move. But I just can't make myself relax about it. I feel like I have to have everything ready by tomorrow. Its rather unsettling. I've spent hours each day looking for a functional, good looking, and affordable triple stroller since Maggie will run away if not strapped down. Apparently they don't make anything that covers all three categories. And I have just got to get me another crib. But, one that matches. The thought of having two cribs that don't match makes me feel morning sickness all over again. What's with that?
My blessed mother ordered me some books about twins. I finally got my hands on them last night. So, at least now I can start to read and prepare myself a little more mentally. But for heavens sake...I've got to keep myself from nesting until we actually have a house in which to nest. Any advice?


The Tuck Family said...

Never had two in my belly....but the nesting instinct was strong for me too! I found myself laugh/crying on my hands and knees one day 8 months pregnant with a tooth brush trying to clean the grout in between our tiles, and my two year old wondering what happened to Mommy? That's when I knew I had lost all control and decided to get it back. It wasn't easy but I just tried to ask myself if this really would improve the life of my unborn child or "Clean grout?"...NO, but "New stoller?"...a must. Just take control of the things that you can and the things that you can't do your best to let go of. Easier said than done I know!

Beth said...

If anybody is going to throw you a shower, hint that you'd love it if they pitched in on a group gift, say, money toward a fancy, necessary stroller. That's what I say, anyway.
And the crib thing: I wouldn't care so much about them looking alike. I think the trend now is not to be too matchy-matchy, k? Just a little advice from Stacey and Clinton.

Ginna said...

I'm with Beth on the matchy-matchyness of the cribs, but you've got to keep yourself happy too. Just keep taking nice deep breaths, and let me know when/if somebody does throw you a shower will you plz? And keep an eye on craig's list for things like strollers, although a triple isn't one of those things that's going to be always up there.
Also I found this site:
maybe it could help?
And I totally know what you mean about maggs running away if not strapped down. Max was exactly the same. He's gotten a lot better though, so I hope that's a little encouraging.

Camie said...

I am so exicted for you! What an adventure it is going to be. You are going to be a wonder mom- you will do great because of your fun, sweet, and outgoing personality. I think twin boys would be so much fun and Maggie will be a great big sister. Can I just honestly say, that I LOVE reading your blog. You have got to be the best writer in the world! You make me laugh :) I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and we will miss you dearly! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.....
I will keep my eyes peeled for matching cribs :) or anything else in doubles....

Emily said...

I freaked out too much with Angeli and Bridger's nurseries. Would I do it different...honestly, probably not, but I wish I had stressed a little less. I wasn't totally ready when Angeli came (cause she decided to come a bit early) and it was fine. It didn't matter as much when I had her in my arms. I suddenly didn't care if her crib had the perfect bumper on it or not. So just know that if it doesn't get all done it will be okay - all that matters is that you have your babies in your arms. Heck, Mary had to put her baby in hay. :O)

A good idea might be to barrow a crib. With Angi we had my brother's for six months and then bought a crib at a garage sale for $20. I painted it and made more of my dream nursery then. There is decorating after babies are born I promise!

PS have you found a house? when are you moving?

PPS I pray for every pregnant lady I know every time I say my prayers. Thus, you are in all my prayers! :O)love ya!

Kim & Danny said...

Megan, I wouldn't worry too much about finding another crib quickly. I put my twins in the same crib until they were about 5 months old. They slept a lot better snuggled up together. I did have matching cribs and wish I still had the other one so I could give them to you. I also have some twing books if you want them. I can't say I actually read them, so I don't know if they'd be much help. I'm sad you guys are moving and I think it would be fun to throw you a shower. Let me know if you need anything.


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