Thursday, March 27, 2008

Handy-woman Maggie

Dan informed me yesterday that while he and Maggie were playing in the basement the other day, Maggie found one of his screwdrivers. Instead of taking it away like I might have done, Dan decided to teach her how to use it by dismantling one of her toys.
He said that it was so cute watching her little wrists turn as she maneuvered the tools. He said she couldn't do it by herself but she was pretty good. Great. So, now not only can she climb and get into whatever she wants, but soon she'll be able to take it apart.
We've opened a whole new can of worms.


Tiffany said...

Ha Ha I love it! Way to go Dan!!

Brian Holdaway said...

Aren't dads the greatest?

K said...

Yeah. I had this wonderful Cinderella watch i'd gotten for my birthday at some point - and when i was in junior high or something, I sat down at a table and systematically took that watch apart, thinking I could put it back together again.

Ah, well -

Sadie said...

Hi Megan. Not sure if you remember me Sadie Ogren From high school, but I just read your blog that you are going to have twins. That is SO exciting. I had twins May 29th 2007 so my twins will be a year old. Mine are boy and girl. Abigail and Jaxon. Yes they are work but it's not hard work just busy work. They are so fun.
Just a little advice. 1. Start buying diapers now. Every time you go the store by a pack or two. 2.Try and get them on the same schedule as soon as possible. Try and put them down to sleep at the same time. When you feed one feed the other. I was bottle feeding, but not by choice. I was not producing. But I think it was a lot easier to bottle feed two than nurse. They say when one wakes up to eat, feed that one then wake the other to eat right after. Other wise you'll be awake and feeding 24/7. You'll catch on and figure out what works for you. 3. 2 vibrating bouncer seats were my life savers. When I couldn't hold both at the same time, I'd lay them in there and sit between them to bottle feed them. Hold and burp one while holding the bottle for the other. 4.If you have family or friends who offer help, take it. 6.Sleep when the babies sleep. I think that the first 3 months were the hardest, it's still busy with them crawling now but they can play, hold their bottles etc. Sorry I blab so long. If you have questions let me know. Good Luck! I bet you'll be fine.


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