Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Really Pregnant

Today I was doing the dishes, opened up a tupperware from yesterday, and promptly threw up. At least it tasted like Corn pops and not bile. But that was probably way too much information.

I didn't throw up at all during my pregnancy with the Magster. But I've only done it a grand total of two times with this pregnancy. Not major by any means. Dan thinks that more nausea is a sign that it's a boy. I think its a sign that he should carry our next child.

But in spite of the fact that I've been nauseous, I've also been hungry. I have to eat what seems like every fifteen minutes because if I don't a little drill starts drilling in my stomach and feels like I'm going to die if I don't get food. Its that feeling that leads to things like Dan finding me chomping on a blueberry muffin in bed at 3:00 on a Monday morning.

Cravings-wise, here's what I've been hankerin' for:

Orange Chicken

Pesto (and Pasta)

Einstein's Cinnamon Sugar Bagels with Strawberry Schmear

Yogurt (sprinkled with granola)

And more pesto.

And sadly, just because I've been craving it, doesn't mean I've had it. The joys of being destitute. Don't they say the 2nd trimester is better?


Emily Ramussen said...

SO funny! I gain like 10 pounds the first trimester despite my almost daily throwing up because yes, I have to eat every fifteen minutes! Ah, the joys! If only the men folk could take a turn or two. :0)

The Tuck Family said...

I've heard that if you crave salty things in the 1st trimester it's a boy but if you crave sweet things it's a girl...I guess that's where the "sugar, spice and everything nice" bit came from. With Ashlen all I craved was chocolate anything and really spicy food, with Loren I wanted citrus (especially grapefruit) and meat. So I don't think cravings have anything to do with gender....unless I have two very mixed up girls!!! Just hang in there the 2nd trimester is always better.

Tiffany said...

Maybe it is a BOY! LOL That would be GREAT! (A Girl would be just as great too! :) I think you should indulge in your cravings!! MMMM :)

Beth said...

Yum! You are making me hungry! I get so sick of eating all the time because, like you, it's not like I get to go get a bagel with cream cheese or a huge brownie sundae or a cafe rio salad for every meal. Although Joel has finally resigned to the fact that for about a month in my first trimester I have to go out to eat almost everyday because I can only think of one thing that sounds good. And once I eat it, say, a Pita Pit pita, I can't eat it again for at least a few months, and sometimes even years. To this day I can't eat a stouffer's frozen dinner or mango salsa because of Asher. And I made the BEST Indian food a couple of months ago, but then had to just throw the recipe away because I still can't bear to think about it. So, then this trimester has been way better, except for the fact that I gained 12 pounds between midwife appointments. They're so stupid. Like I want them to tell me, "Well, it WAS over the holidays." Shut up, nurse. You're not lookin' like the holidays were very kind to you, either. I'm still hungry all the time: breakfast at 7:30 a.m., banana at nine and STARVING at ten, like so starving I think I need to go get a value meal at Wendy's...I guess I could have just blogged it up on my own blog instead of taking up all this space here. tee hee. sorry. (By the way, while writing this, I've eaten approximately six handfuls of mini-marshmallows, which would normally gross me out.)

k said...

A) Be thankful you are destitute. Indulging those cravings would turn you into a tank.

B) I did the same thing with Murphy. Only threw up once - ate a bunch of little carrots, went upstairs and bloop - out they all came. That was the way my father found out I was pregnant again. He called me an idiot.

C) And I was hungry just like that, too. if I didn't eat, I felt just a little bilious. If I did eat, I felt just a little bilious.

D). Yes, the second trimester is better.

Ginna said...

yum (well except the throwing up part) I'm craving all that stuff and I don't even have a good excuse.

The Dynamic Trio said...

I am sooo excited for you Megan! COngratulations on being pregnant!! I seriously don't miss the throwing up 10 times every day, but how i do miss that beautiful life inside of me. I hope you get feeling better! Good thing it is all more than worth it in the end. :)


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