Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kinder Moment

So dear Jacob informs me as he comes in from recess, "I'm wearing my jammies under my clothes today."

Thinking it was because of the 5 degree-freeze-your-nose-hairs weather we've been having in Layton, I asked, "Are you wearing your jammies to keep you warmer?"

"No. It's in case I get tired."

Makes sense. You'd want to be prepared should the sleepy bug hit you. I might start wearing my jammies to church.


Sarah said...

Megs I love your kindergarten moments. Every time I read them I realize that I want you to be my children's teacher. So where ever we go I think I will hire you as a private teacher....hope you don't mind?!

Ginna said...

Amen. I think I'm going to start wearing them all the time.

Tiffany said...

That moment made me laugh out loud. Your kidlets are so funny.

Camie said...

Genius I tell you! I think I will start wearing my PJs to school too! You just never know!
PS I love your new hair cut!


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