Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Rivalry Continues

Usually after the BYU vs UTAH football game, Dan and I can put away our hostile feelings and move on with life. I mean, we do fine during the rest of the football season when they don't play each other. Its just that one game when tempers are flaring. We don't even get that hyped up during Basketball Season. So, when Dan found the big rivalry game replaying on KBYU this week and decided to watch it I wondered what he was doing.

"Honey, didn't that game make you mad the first time."

"Yeah. I'm not gonna watch the end. Just a few minutes."

"Okay, but you remember how it goes right? You sure you want to replay that?"

"Megs... its okay!"

So, he watched the game. The whole thing. Only this time he wasn't surrounded by my family of Cougar fans in Utah County. Now he was a Ute in his own house located an hour outside happy valley--no longer a minority in a strange land. He took advantage of that by then making fun of the cougars in any way he could think of. It was funny at first but then it started making me mad. Before we knew it we were really throwing verbal blows. Who knew that our in home rivalry would be worse a week AFTER the game than it was on game day?

Moral of the story: If your husband starts watching a game OVER again that he HATED the first time...distract him in some way. Its really not a good idea and you don't want to live through the consequences.


Hillam Family said...

I'm so cracked up at you two! At least the next BYU/UTE game is a year away--gives you some time in between! and yes, bad idea Dan--don't go re-watching the game!! LOL

Brian Holdaway said...

That's what I would call a "less effective" use of time. What man is going to just watch a few plays of a game? even if it's a rerun?

Ginna said...

Oh man that is terrible and hilarious. Watching a bad game again can only lead to bad things. (and of course I mean bad for him but AWESOME for us!!!)
So did you hear that BYU might end up in a BCS bowl game....?? Don't tell Dan.

eRiCa said...

been there...done NOT conducive to a marriage :) Although I have to say a little friendly banter always is fun :)

k said...

Hmmmm. Did Dan actually go to the U? Is that the root of all this?

The Betitas said...

I just made the rule from day one that NO football would be watched in my house! Your husband should consider himself lucky!


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