Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Facts

I've been tagged by Kenzie (probably the friend that I've had the absolute longest since our mothers raised us together in between teaching 5 year olds how to be real people).

The rules are that you have to list seven random facts about yourself. This is right up my alley, I guess, because I don't think there are any facts about me that aren't random. My Seven Random Facts Are As Follows:

  1. When I was a senior in high school, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Turns out, I had 6 of them and when they dug the suckers out it left a passage open into my sinuses. Until they packed it full of whatever they packed it full of, I could actually blow air out of my teeth holes. It was fascinating to me.
  2. I've written about this on multiple occasions, but its probably the coolest, weirdest, scariest thing that's ever happened to me: I had Bell's Palsy. A month or 2 after I came home from my mission I was riding to work with my mother telling her about what a hard time I had putting my makeup on that morning because my eye was being all weird, when I decided to look at myself in the mirror. I smiled and half of my face didn't smile. Uh-oh. I knew what it was immediately because a lady in my sister's ward in NY had gotten Bell's Palsy and her's never went away! So, we called the doctor and went in. Half of my face was paralyzed. This meant that my mouth sagged (and sometimes drooled) in one side, I couldn't blink my eye (I had to manually blink it with my hand and kind of lube it up and shut it when I slept), and my speech was a little slurred. He put me on medication and said that Bell's Palsy could last for as little as a day or as long as the rest of my life. Luckily mine was only about a month. Crazy. Seriously crazy.
  3. I am a pleaser. I want to make everyone happy. I want everyone to like me. I want to do everything that everyone else says is important. I want to make sure that what I do is approved by everyone and that no one has hard feelings against me. This is one of the worst and best things about me and it can drive those who are close to me nuts. But at least people know I care about what they think, even if I care too much.
  4. I release stress through my tear ducts. I'm easily overwhelmed so I cry a lot. In Alice and Wonderland, when Alice is giant and starts crying and then shrinks and floats away on her tears she says "Oh dear! I do wish I hadn't cried so much!" That describes me perfectly. But I guess it works out because my problems don't seem so big after a good cry.
  5. I enjoy getting attention and have been known to do random and even stupid things in order to get it including but not excluded to putting objects in my nose, inventing new ways to walk, putting more objects in my nose, making loud obnoxious comments at sometimes inappropriate times, fake vomiting, putting even more things up my nose, doing things people dare me to do, etc. My loud "hey everybody look at me!" personality along with my "oh I'm sorry, did I make you feel bad? Oh dear, I didn't mean too, are we still friends?" personality make for a very interesting and stressful combo. I'm obnoxious and then I worry that I was over the top and people don't like me!
  6. When I was on the newspaper staff in high school I never asked anyone for quotes for my stories. I made them up. All of them. I generally quoted friends that I knew wouldn't get mad about it. But I just figured that the quotes I made up worked better into my stories than the ones they would give me. I preferred editorial articles anyway (fewer facts... I struggle with facts).
  7. I want to be my mother. I think she's the jack of all trades and the best mother and grandmother in the world. And somehow she instilled in all of us such a feeling of trust that I always felt like I would rather die than have to tell my mother that I had done something foolish and sinful. I don't know how she did it, I guess she just loved us so much that we never wanted to disappoint her.

I am tagging: Betina (pronouced Becheenya), Vhari the Bean, Tiffany Pucharsen Hillam, Ginna Ginny Gin Gin, Megan "you wish you were me" Hinckley, The Boy (YOKWE kajin majol! Allimango), and Bryan Buckels Binckley.


The Betitas said...

first of all: you are hilarious. President Hinckley is NOT your brother in law!!!!! Second of all, thanks for making my day with your post on my blog! lets catch up:)

Brian Holdaway said...

Being able to blow air through your gums... wow!

K said...

Well, for one thing, you were raised by people who made that fake dirty diaper I gave them into a year long family sport. So any weirdnesses you may detect in yourself—I promise, they came from your mother.

Hillam Family said...

I always love reading more about you Megs! I didn't know about the blowing air threw your gums...haha

The Tuck Family said...

AWESOME...Thanks for doing this, I know it can be ultra annoying to get tagged but I thought this one was fun because you could say anything you wanted. Plus, it's fun to learn about people this way because they are more open to telling things about themselves that they normally wouldn't face to face.

Ginna said...

OK, I'm tagged. I'll try to actually do it this time!
And I can't believe you puked on thanksgiving! I probably would've been better off I had too. But it was nice that Max didn't.

eRiCa said...

So fun! I asked "poopsie" why she called you "droopsie" and she told me....that sucks and i'm glad it went away...and totally funny that she calls you droopsie. I totally enjoyed reading about you...I always knew you were so dang cool!


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