Friday, December 7, 2007

As Seen on TV Christmas Party

Dan's company Christmas party was tonight at Tracy Aviary. I think thats an awesome place since I've always had a thing for birds (as long as they're not indoors). It was a blizzard and very dark so I didn't see anything besides a couple of ducks. You probably didn't know this, but there is a mill there built by Brigham Young. Cool place. Food was okay. But the best part was the gift exchange. The gift theme was "As Seen on TV"

Here's what we brought. Gloves that can wash and peel a potato in 8 seconds:

Here's what we got. A soldering iron that can melt solder one second and then cool off so you can touch it the next second. Amazing. Dan was excited about it:

Truth be told, I wanted our Tate Mitts back. If anybody is looking for a great gift idea for a mother, sister, neighbor, friend or me... Tater Mitts are what you're looking for!


eRiCa said...

what a rad idea for a work party. Do those gloves work? That would awesome if they did!

Ginna said...

what a great theme! And those tater mitts do sound too good to be they work?

Tiffany said...

yeah, i want to know if they work too! that sounds like lots of fun!

Megan said...

Ladies, I have no idea if they work or not. I assume they must at least semi-work since they've actually made it from idea to patented product. But who knows. I think its hilarious that these sorts of inventions are only big at Christmas time because you never want to try them out yourself... you just think, "oh, I bet that Aunt Bea would like something like that..."


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