Monday, October 1, 2007

Dressed by Dad

So, one of my callings at church is "Stake Young Women's Sports Assistant." I literally laughed at the high councilman when he told me. But he wasn't kidding. At least we know the Lord has a sense of humor. I stopped playing YW bball when I got kicked out of a game for trash talking. I stopped playing volleyball because the ball hurt my forearms. I stopped playing softball because I got hit in the head by a flyball and had the stitches imprinted on my head for 3 days. Anyway, so now that I am spending my Saturdays keeping score for 4 straight volleyball match ups...that leaves my sweet husband and my sweet baby home alone. They love it! They feed each other breakfast. Maggie loves putting food in Dan's mouth (often it is chewed by her, and then fed to Dan). They take a shower. Then they play and play and play. Dan lets Maggie play with all his "treasures" in the basement.
Last week, Dan and Maggie picked me up after my last game and we headed to Costco. Mags was asleep in her carseat, but she awoke as we pulled up. I went around to get Maggie out but Dan said "Wait! its time for the unveiling!" He pulled off the blanket that he had tucked around her and there she was wearing her army capri's, a long sleeve white onesie, and her swimsuit. Dan informed me that it was "the layered look. Because layers are very in this season." Her hair was also done up in a "Pebbles Flintstone." We saw our next door neighbors at Costco and I told them that Dan had dressed Maggie. They said "Oh. We wondered why she had on her swim suit." Dan is thinking of starting his own makeover show. Anyone interested?


Rochelle said...

That is so funny! Whenever Jeremy dresses the kids... it's always the same outfit. He just chooses his favorite and sticks with it. I guess their closets are a little too intimidating for him or something! :) We'll have to try that new layering look!

Tiffany said...

Lol nice one Dan!! That is too funny! What a fun Dad! I really like Maggie's birthday invites- I think you did a great job!

Ginna said...

That is adorable.
Seriously there's nothing better for father-child relationship than for them to have some chunks of time to spend together with no mom. Although of course, mom is the best, and everyone needs to realize that!

The Dynamic Trio said...

LOL!! That is HILARIOUS! wow! I totally JUST woke up seth and told him that story it was SO funny. Nice ONE DAN!! Thats cute.


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