Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Church is True

Bountiful Utah Temple

I don't know if you've heard or not, but the Church is true! It really is. I've figured that out over and over at various times during my past 26 years of human existence and this weekend I figured it out again. On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the temple wedding of one of my very best friends, Dawnell Groberg (now Midgley...thats gonna be hard, I'm still learning to call her by her first name and now she goes and swaps the last name on me). The sealer was Mr. Mac. I kept expecting him to say "No one buys the way we buy, no one sells the way we sell, and no one SEALS the way we SEAL. No One." He never said that though. Pity. But what he did say were some very remarkable things. The spirit was so sweet and strong. He kept commenting on what amazing people Trever and Dawnell are. Its true. They are both returned missionaries, college graduates, and just fun and hilarious people. And I just had to think about all the twists and turns life takes us on. Dawnell has had her fair share of heart-aches (but then again haven't we all?). But then looking at her in the temple all bright and beautiful sitting next to the love of her life made me realize that Heavenly Father loves us. He's guiding us all to that point. Even though we have bumps and bruises along the way and some have a rougher ride than others...he wants all of us to find joy and peace. And we can and will if we just trust him.

On a lighter note ( I really couldn't figure out how to transition here.) I had a great time enjoying the wedding festivities with Ms. Emalee Squire, Diva coach extraordinaire (that's how Tyra Banks introduces some of her friends... so I thought it would work for one of mine as well). At the luncheon don't worry if we picked out a table and then watched as the rest of the guests entered and no one sat by us. I wondered if it was my breath, but Emalee (always the optimist) just said "Then does that mean we get to eat all of these CROISSANTS?" and we did too. Almost. We did have to share when Katie Rose showed up and then again when some of Groberg's neighbors asked to sit by us. They served this to die for rasberry butter with the croissants. I told Katie that it was so good she'd eat her own arm if the butter was spread on it. For effect I actually did butter her arm. Groberg's neighbors just said "Oh dear, our children act like that too." But upon finding out who their children were... I'd have to say their children act worse. I won't go into details.

This is Emalee at the end of the luncheon. She always lets me know when its time to go. On the mission, I didn't need to look at my watch because when our 1/2 hour teaching appointments were nearing their end...Emalee would start rocking in her chair. At the luncheon she just started going cross eyed.

I sent this picture in to America's Next Top Model. I really don't get why they didn't put me in. I just don't get it. Is it cause I'd make everybody else look bad? I could tone down my beauty if I had to.

Dawnell's little brother Daniel was looking quite dapper at the reception although he wasn't as talkative or funny as he usually is. Infact, I didn't see him move at all. Wait a second... I thought he was on a mission. What was he doing there!?

We ended up staying at the reception for over 2 hours. Okay, maybe 3. Poor Emalee was rocking in her chair and cross eyed. But we had to stay until Stacey Anderson (my MTC comp.) and her husband arrived from Preston Idaho. They gave us an update on their cows and horses and said that whenever we can get there all we need to do is call and they'll have the horses saddled. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'm afraid of horses. Maggie loved hugging all of the little boys. They were there in abundance. But none of them were that into her, sadly. Except for this one boy that beat her up. She's got mean scratches all over her poor face. That'll teach her to try and make friends.

All in all, the wedding was one of the best in history. Really great people. Really great food. And a church that is REALLY TRUE. What more could you ask for? maybe more croissants and rasberry butter?


Ginna said...

Sounds like a fun time, and the raspberry butter certainly doesn't hurt. Weddings are so fun because they're just such happy things to get to be involved in. And yeah, isn't it great to have a church that's true????

Jenny Groberg said...

So I told you Darren forgot the camera?? Anyway, he promised he would download pics on to his computer from his parent's camera so I could see what happened at the wedding. He forgot that too. Poor guy... a lot to remember between a wedding and a fishing trip. I think I learned more from your blog than anything else!! Thanks for letting me know how it went. =)

Stew Ras Gang said...

You are so funny. Really I wish I was half as funny as you are. I have no idea who those people are but I felt like I wanted to join you at your table and smear raspberry butter on my arm too! :0) If Bridger was there he would have hugged Maggie all she wanted! He'll give kisses and hugs so much we often have to rescue the over loved. :0) And of course I send a little hurray that the church is very true! Hurray!
Love ya, Emily

Jenae said...

Sweet! Thanks for the update on Groberg's wedding-- I wish I could have been there! Thanks for posting a picture of her and her hubby. Oh Williams, I am surprised you didn't whip out a ear wax candle for old times sake at the reception!;)

Tiffany said...

Loved the pics Megs- almost as good as the one on your bridal shower invite! lol

Anonymous said...

Well this is the Midgley formerly known as Groberg! I loved it! You are the BOM.COM for sure! Megan I just loved that you were there! We are getting together ASAP Inkab a halal!

k said...

Okay - that's how Cammon showed up at Ginna's wedding - a little rigid, but present!!


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