Monday, July 21, 2014

Maggie's Hello Kitty Party!

For Maggie's 7th Birthday party last October, she decided on a Hello Kitty theme. I was 100% on board because when I was a youngster I was pretty obsessed with the little feline as well. She is seriously cute.

I made these cute little favor bags for the guests. Inside we put a little kitty ear headband that Mags and I made and a cute pair of sunglasses with a bow on the side. We also left room for candy since Maggie wanted a pinata. Why wouldn't you want a piñata for your 7th birthday?

Speaking of piñata, here it is: 

Although it's not a complete masterpiece and wonder of the world like that {floating eye of death one}, I think it turned out fabulous. I made this one with the {cardboard method} (as opposed to the paper maché method I used before). I just cut out the shape from cardboard, tossed in the candy, taped it up, and then decorated it in the traditional way with fringed crepe paper and construction paper for the cute kitty features. This one was about an hour of work compared to the 8 hours for the Floating Eye of Death. I really enjoyed making each type of piñata, but if you're thinking of making a foray into the fabulous world of piñata making, try the cardboard. It was pretty simple. 

One of my other favorite party details was this window:  It is at the front of our house and I thought it was a great way to welcome guests. It was so cute I left it up for a few days. I was really sad to take it down--could have been a great addition to the neighborhood and a local landmark ("go east and take a right after the Hello Kitty house").

I printed out a lot of cute Hello Kitty coloring pages for guests to color when they arrived. My adorable niece Mary did an excellent job on hers.

So did Maggie and her bff Maiya.

Maggie chose chocolate cake with pink frosting. I got the sugar Hello Kitty cupcake decorations at Walmart. 

I made this banner using a cursive font that reminded me of the font used for Hello Kitty. 

This was the very first "friend party" I have ever allowed my children to have. And maybe I should have started a little smaller? We had a house (or trampoline rather) full of giggling, jumping, squeeling girls. Maggie loved every second.

Maggie requested a photo shoot. All the girls (and two younger brothers) brought out their inner model:













The Dudes

Say hello to all of these cute kitties!

After the photo shoot we went out to the garage to bust open the piñata.

Then it was time for dinner! 

We had goldfish crackers (kitties love those!), sandwiches cut out with hello kitty cookie cutters, strawberries, strawberry soda, and of course cake and ice cream.

We watched episodes of "Hello Kitty's Fairy Tale Theater" while we ate. In case you wonder, that just might be one of the dumbest shows ever made. But these kitties sure did lap it up. ha ha. 

Happy 7th birthday sweet girl. We love you and are so proud of the beautiful, smart, helpful, and hilarious girl you are.


Jillums said...

How fun! I bet the party was a blast.

EmmaP said...

So cute! I was a little bummed the cake wasn't topped with granola and a few warmed tootsie rolls. But I guess a litter box cake isn't very lady-kitty like? hehehehe.... jk.

I love ALL of your parties! Sometimes I am sad my kids are getting older. I miss throwing themed parties.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I love this so much. You are the queen of parties, and I agree--you probably should have started younger with the kids, because this rocks. I cannot believe you made the pinata. That is all-out impressive. It totally looks store-bought. And the take-home bags are so adorable!! I have to say that my favorite just might be the window. The cuteness is just killing me. What an awesome party!!! Nicely done!! I heart it.

Julie said...

So cute! I love your creativity!

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Halo BW said...

So cute!

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