Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some Peeks at the House

We feel so blessed to be in our new house. We love it. Besides still having a carpeted dining area like we had in our last house, I absolutely love the layout and flow. I love our neighbors. I just love it all. I took these pictures soon after we moved in to our house (look at that tiny Freddie on Maggie's bed!). I forgot to post them. Some things have already changed, but here' s a peek at some of the areas of our house: 

This is Maggie's room. I really love it. Its so girly and fun. And since she is an artistic 7 year old girl we sometimes have struggles with each other and the way we think her room should be decorated. She has a tendency to add her own artistic flair by way of Hello Kitty wall decals and loads and loads of drawings and lists of room rules covering every surface. I'm learning to let go and let her be 7. She's a stinking cute 7 year old.

Here is my growing letter H collection. I got the chevron striped USA map thing at Swiss Days last year. I'm so excited about Swiss Days again! Dear cousin Emily, I still am obsessed with the ceramic H's you made me. Miss you.

Dan made me this gorgeous headboard. I feel like a real person now that I have a real bed. We used a plan from the Ana White website. She has an amazing database of plans for building just about anything. Check it out.

Dan also bought me that mirror as a surprise. It might be one of my favorite things in the whole house. I'm crazy about my husband.

Freddie shares his room with Dan's office and it is kind of a neglected space. I need to put more effort into it. But here's the twins' room. Pretty adorable. Its covered in Legos half the time, though so watch your step. If you want to come visit us (which you totally should by the way!) this is also our guest room. I'll even put mints on your pillow. And I'll clean up all the Legos.

I'll have to take some pictures of the rest of the house, including our yard that Dan is working his tail off on. Its so fun to make a house your own by putting your own stamp on it. 

Come visit us. Or better yet, buy one of the cute houses next door. We make great neighbors. 

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jww said...

Wowza. Seriously. Gorgeous. Nicely done!


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