Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kindergarten Boys

I taught kindergarten and my mama was a kindergarten teacher. I love kindergarten. But for some reason when it comes to being the parent of a kindergartener (or two) its a whole different ball game. I get so nervous about sending my babies to kindergarten! I know they will love it. I know its all going to be great. But letting my kids go to kindergarten just about kills me.

When I dropped Maggie off at her first day of kindergarten I cried. The next day I cried, too. And the next day. It was so traumatic to send my baby off all by herself.

But when I dropped my twin kindergarteners off to school, they hugged like this:

They had each other. And I knew that if one of them got nervous or scared or hurt or sad his brother would be there for him. 

These boys were so happy to go to kindergarten together, so I didn't cry at all.


jww said...

Oh!!! That is so fantastic!!! I'm so happy for them and you. :)

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