Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sprinkling

For the past few years I've convinced my family to participate in the Hungarian tradition of locsolkodas. It's where the boys go visit their lady friends, recite a little poem, and sprinkle them with water or perfume to help them to grow pretty like a flower. In return the girls give the boys red Easter eggs or other treats. Since I'm a girl with a love of poetic verse, I make everyone in my family (boy or girl) write a poem and sprinkle somebody. It prolongs the fun.

This year we took a walk on the river trail and it proved to be the perfectly romantic back drop for our Easter sprinkling.


Andee said...

Love it and LOVE the pics!

K said...

Oh, gracious. I mean - I love this tradition. But I did NOT RECOGNIZE JOEL AT ALL. I'm going to have to sit here and think about that.

jww said...

This is one of my favorite traditions. I seriously look forward to this post every year. LOVE IT!

Sharlyn said...

I think this is the cutest tradition, i love reading about it every year :)


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